Zebrino Black and Gold Marble Bar | Aria Stone Gallery

Stirr Restaurant designed by Coeval Studio is a fabulous mixture of contemporary and modern design that wonderfully compliments the industrial-rustic vibe of the Deep Ellum neighborhood located near Downtown Dallas. The neighborhood is known largely for its arts and entertainment venues, and Stirr’s contemporary-meets-industrial aesthetic aligns perfectly.

Zebrino Black and Gold Marble Bar at Stirr Restaurant

The large first floor consists of wood tables with plush arm chairs, creating a comfortable and chic dining experience. Floor to ceiling windows allow for plenty of natural light and people watching. An exposed brick wall in the center of the restaurant blends the contemporary LED track lighting to the industrial feel of the neighborhood.

Zebrino Black and Gold Marble Bar at Stirr Restaurant

The most incredible aspect of the restaurant by far is the expansive L-shaped Zebrino black and gold marble bar. The marble, sourced by Aria Stone Gallery, makes for a stunning centerpiece in the busy Deep Ellum neighborhood restaurant and bar. A black field with white and gold veining make this a unique and exotic piece of stone, which originates from the middle east. Geometric black and white tiles complete the base of the bar, which are the perfect compliment to the stone.

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