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The comforting and thoughtful pairing of wood and natural stone never fails to create a tailored, cohesive and rustic atmosphere. Whether the application is a high-rise city loft or a country farmhouse, the iconic wood and stone trend is always in momentum and remains one of the most coveted design duos today. Read on to experience a few of our projects that feature the classic combination of wood and stone, and how you can achieve this style!

Pair Lights with Lights

The key to a soft, warming look like the kitchen below is to pair creamy wood cabinets, furniture etc. that has similar colors to the lighter veining in your stone. This will create a subtle, yet distinguished color palette that is expressed by tones we often think of as “color-neutral”. Bright, clean and neutral spaces can exude cheerful energy, and therefore, filling your home with these positive tones will attract visitors back for years to come.

Cremo Calacatta Marble Kitchen
Aria Stone Gallery’s Cremo Calacatta Marble Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Go Rugged and Rustic

Don’t be afraid to throw some elements of nature into your space! Natural stone (such as our Fusion quartzite) actually pairs quite well with river rock wall mosaics and distressed wood finishing. The smooth, organic surfaces of these materials create a rustic yet luxurious look. Pebbles and indoor plants also make wonderful accent pieces, and help to bring out subtle colors in your natural stone.

Fusion Quartzite Kitchen
Aria Stone Gallery’s Fusion Quartzite Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Utilize Modern Techniques

A home grounded on the combination of wood and natural stone does not always have to be traditional or rustic! Choosing a vibrant stone that brings a pop of color into the mix, as well as incorporating design techniques like streamlined waterfall edges and minimal cabinet detail will spark modernism within your space.

Bianco Everest Kitchen
Aria Stone Gallery’s Bianco Everest Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Visualize A Cozy Workspace

This homey, ranch-house style kitchen is overflowing with color and ample natural light. The center island features Aria’s Fusion Leathered Quartzite – pairing perfectly with warm brick, bronzed hardware and hard wood floors. We especially love the way the distressed wooden ceiling rafters bring focus back to the dark veining throughout the countertops. Taking advantage of wooden accents that radiate rich, dark tones can be very helpful when deciding on a natural stone with a lot of color and busy veining.

Fusion Quartzite Leathered Kitchen
Aria Stone Gallery’s Fusion Quartzite Leathered Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.



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