Vogue Living Press Feature | Aria Stone Gallery

Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Namibia marble featured in Vogue Living in a kitchen designed by Marie Flanigan accentuates the antique features throughout the space. The bright white surface of the slab with notes of cool grey and purple compliment and give contrast to the darker neutral and copper interiors within the kitchen. View the entire project and get a feel for a house that gives an interesting twist to an antique style.

Vogue Living Cover


Similarly, the kitchen takes something standard and makes it unique. Metal clad cabinets are a play on the traditional wood, while custom-made brass accents give the cabinetry and cooking zones a charming rustic feel. Accented against white marble, the room feels inherently modern, whilst still true to its Texan locale: “The kitchen’s metal cabinets and countertops add a touch of glamour to the pastoral space,” says Flanigan.


Vogue Living Kitchen



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