Aria Stone Gallery Verde Aurora Marble Fireplace

Dana Vidal and her client wanted to do a feature wall around their fireplace and had picked out Aria’s Vitoria Regia, which is a dark evergreen quartzite. After making a few changes, they realized they had not purchased enough stone and their material had already been sold out. So they went back to the drawing board. With a new bright green material just in at Aria, the once dilemma turned into a surprising blessing in disguise.

At first glance, Verde Aurora did not catch our attention, but when our showroom manager put it together in a quad match, it took on a whole new life. The marble transformed entirely into something else. With perfect vein matching, this bold wall became the focal point in the room.  Perfectly balancing against the gold hued accent pieces, this unique stone wall truly elevates the space into a whole new realm of luxury.
When you walk in the home there are these beautiful dark hard woods that lead into an expansive winding staircase. Once you enter the living room, the feature wall immediately grabs your attention. Accented with gilded velvet couches, leopard accessories, and golden decor accents, this space beautifully marries texture with pattern.

The living room opens into a vast kitchen that features an oversized custom dining table with booth seating. Although everything is oversized and impeccably designed, it still feels warm and inviting.

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