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When it comes to designing with natural stone, sometimes it’s fun to start small. Not everyone visualizes their entire home cladded in marble from floor to ceiling – and that’s perfectly okay! There are countless ways to incorporate natural stone into your space, through the utilization of small spaces and accessories. So whether you have remnant materials that you want to find a creative use for, or if you’d like to use smaller amounts of slab throughout the home, the use of stone in small applications can definitely pack a punch.

Art Objects

If anyone knows how to squeeze natural stone into tiny applications, it’s Anna and Roza of A Space Studio in Brooklyn, New York. These talented artists create collaborative pieces that attempt to bring in the timeless beauty of nature to contemporary lifestyle, whether it’s functional furniture or a decorative object. One of their newest pieces, titled: MOUNTAINSCAPES #4, is a gorgeous example of using natural stone as an art object. Not only is this piece decorative, but it also doubles as a small container – making a unique and functional accent.

Shower Niches

Another fantastic way to incorporate natural stone in small doses is through the common shower niche. (However, a shower niche does not have to be so common.) It is always a treat to see beautiful stone inside of a tiny shower niche, and this method of design is an easy way to set your bathroom apart from anyone else’s – even if you don’t want to clad the entire thing. Elizabeth Roberts Architecture really took the stone shower niche to another level, using purple Calacatta Namibia marble inside!

Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Architecture.


Shelving and Drains

The Aria Stone Gallery team is always blown away by the beautiful detail fabrication of our friends at Il Granito Belgium. From cabinetry facing, integrated sinks, to entire rooms covered in stone, this company has an avid attention to detail and the raw talent to carve your wildest dreams in stone. (No pun intended) Some of their most inspirational projects stem from the use of natural stone in small doses, such as sink drains and shelving. These are both astonishing ways to use remnants pieces and really push the boundaries of decor, demonstrating shapes and sizes we never thought possible in stone.

Image Courtesy of Il Granito Belgium.
Image Courtesy of Il Granito Belgium.
Image Courtesy of Il Granito Belgium.

Mini Bars/Wet Bars

Mini bars and wet bars cladded in natural stone have grown increasingly popular over the years, and I think we can all agree that when it comes to a good bar, small can definitely be mighty. Obumex Interiors Belgium have mini bars down to a science, squeezing the most beautiful and impactful stones into compact spaces. This technique is an amazing way to make a small space pop, and really shows appreciation for the little details.

Image Courtesy of Obumex Interiors Belgium.


Microscopic Stone Details

A phenomena that few of us pay attention to on a daily basis is the existence of tiny, yet vital, functioning mechanisms that make our homes, well, work! Think: door hinges, wall sockets, shower jambs, partitions – just the small details that often go unnoticed. The smallest of all however, might be the fixing bracket. We know them as the tiny metal nubs that hold our glass shower doors upright. But SJB in Australia showed us that these ‘nubs’ have the potential to be so much more. So, if it’s possible to incorporate natural stone into a space THIS small, anything is possible, right?

Image Courtesy of SJB.


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