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Homeowners and first-time natural stone buyers that stop into Aria present us with the age-old question time and time again, “is marble OK to use on my kitchen countertops?” Everyone loves the classic look of natural marble, but all the maintenance and upkeep can seem scary at first glance. The pros and cons of using marble in the kitchen are often confused and misinterpreted, therefore the Aria Stone Gallery team is here to provide the facts you need before making this big decision.

Aria Stone Gallery | Sarah Sherman Samuel Arabescato Corchia Marble Project
Aria Stone Gallery | Sarah Sherman Samuel Arabescato Corchia Marble Project

Fact #1: Marble is Timeless 

Natural stone can be closely compared to a fine wine; stone ages with grace and never loses its value or beauty. Man-made materials such as porcelain and quartz can replicate the organic vein patterns and colors of marble; however, natural marble is always completely unique and each slab is like a fingerprint – different in its own way. The story that every slab tells after being created within the Earth after thousands of years is something that always attracts people to natural stone.

Natural stone is durable and powerful; existing eons before us and scientifically proven to outlast us.

Calacatta Viola Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery
Jean Stoffer Designs Calacatta Primavera
Jean Stoffer Designs Bianco Neve Marble

Fact #2: Caring For Marble is Easier Than You Think

Here’s the truth: marble is a naturally softer stone, when compared to granite or quartzite. So it is more susceptible to staining, scratching and acid etching through daily use. Seems scary, but don’t let those words stray you away from choosing the kitchen countertops of your dreams! If this is a concern, there are simple ways to work around to prevent this from happening to your stone:

  1. Consider honing your marble. Since a honed surface is already matte, etching will be camouflaged! Honed surfaces are actually becoming more and more popular, as they make for a smooth and modern look. They can also be much more kitchen-friendly!
  2. Have your countertops sealed regularly. There are many different types of sealers out there, and a professional fabricator can easily assist with adding this top coat of armor to your marble. Consider it scheduled maintenance to keep your kitchen in tip-top shape!
  3. Use trivets, placemats and coasters. This is an easy one. Prevent water rings, coffee stains, spaghetti spills and pan burns by covering up the messiest areas of your countertops while you work. And if you do make a spill and miss the placemat, don’t panic! Just wipe up the mess as quickly as possible with a clean cloth, or use soap and water.

Those three tips are fool-proof, and will keep your marble counters looking like new for years to come! Luckily, stone can be restored repeatedly without concern, and maintenance definitely does not have to be stressful or difficult. Think about it this way – if people have used marble for flooring and tiles for generations, you can most certainly use it for your countertops!

Lilac Scuro Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

Fact #3: Your Very Own Marble Tells A Story

It is not always a requirement to protect the integrity of your marble countertops with your life! Many homeowners and marble enthusiasts adore the look of weathered stone, as it adds an element of uniqueness and character. Picturing lightly scratched or etched marble surfaces may leave a bad taste in your mouth at first, but countertops that sport subtle wear have an appeal all their own. Marble is something we like to call a “living surface”, and much like a perfectly broken-in sweater or a finely antiqued piece of furniture, this is one look that can only be attained through years of use.

Simply put, natural stone is the perfect, blank canvas for every owner to paint their story.

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Quatre Saisons Powder Bathroom

Fact #4: Marble Makes The Perfect Sous Chef

Natural marble can come in handy while baking in the kitchen, since it is naturally cool in temperature. White marble countertops are especially perfect for working with pastries, since they don’t conduct heat very well. They can also prevent your kitchen from feeling super steamy while preparing meals!

Calacatta Viola Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

Fact #5: Marble is Obtainable and Affordable

The convenient thing about marble is that it comes in a variety of price ranges and can be suitable for any budget. Marble can be found in every state, every country, all over the world – and Aria Stone Gallery can even specially source it for your project! While some rare families of marble sell at a higher price, there are more common types that still provide the same iconic aesthetic we all know and love, at an affordable price. Some marbles are even more affordable than man-made materials!