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Red is a very bold color choice. It can be seen as strong, romantic, demonic, or even patriotic. Regardless, many people shy away from the color when it comes to interior design because of the daring statement it can give. But placed in the right palette of wallpaper, cabinetry and paint, a pop of red can make an amazing addition to any home.

Pictured below is an example of a beautiful Red Quartzite bathroom, open and full of natural light. The rich stone compliments soothing cream cabinetry, and crisp white walls.


This warm, contemporary kitchen featuring white and brown cabinets and red accessories is the perfect stage for a cabernet colored slab. This Iron Red Granite statement island gives this space a unique identity and provides an interesting focal point that will stand the test of time.


This colorful laundry room is not only playful but also useful. The bright, strawberry red countertop gives this space a homey feel and brings together one of the busiest rooms in a family household. Green walls pair beautifully with this statement island, and provide a warm working area for parents with children.



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