On a recent trip to Vietnam, Aria’s Founder, Vinny Tavares, discovered an amazing white marble called Hanoi Pure White. This white marble is a very exciting discovery, coveted for its uniform tight quartz flakes throughout; a rare quality giving this beautiful natural stone the consistent look that is common to man-made, engineered stone.

The journey to the quarry involved crossing rugged terrain and remote villages with very basic provisions. The quarry is located about five hours from Hanoi, in the northwest region close to the borders of Laos, Vietnam and China. During the journey as the bustling city of Hanoi grew further away, the scenery revealed amazingly beautiful mountain ranges. The intrepid nature of the trip rewarded Vinny with some of the best white marble seen in many years.


From the remote mountainsides of far-flung, exotic destinations to the comfortable, classy interior of Aria Stone Gallery we strive to consistently bring you the very best and most unique offerings from Mother Nature.

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