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Texture is an important design element that will immediately add warmth and visual interest to any room. The physical feel and texture of your room can transform a simple palette into a space with depth and interest. The surface of natural stone may come in many forms, such as polished, honed, leathered, and brushed. While polished and honed are the most common surface finishes for quarries; leathered and brushed surfaces are growing increasingly popular for their ability to immediately add unique texture.

Using a natural stone with a textured finish is an easy way to incorporate an earthy, multi-dimensional element into your design. Slabs that features a leathered finish can compliment a rustic or transitional design or provide contrast and warmth to a monochromatic, mid-century modern aesthetic.

Can I change the surface texture of my stone?

Initially, the quarry decides what type of surface to put on the stone, but the stone surface and texture can easily be changed to fit your design aesthetic.

How does a leathered finish compare to a honed or polished finish?

The functionality of leathered finishes are also important to note. Much like a honed finish, leathered finishes are less likely to show scratches and etches that come from normal use. A leathered finish is a honed finish, that is then textured by diamond tipped brushes that have varying levels of grit to create small ridges within the stone. By comparison, a brushed finish has less ridges than you would find in a leathered finish. The varying levels of matte and sheen create an overall “leathered” look on the surface of a stone. By design, leathered is more stain resistant than honed and less stain resistant than polished. However, a good sealer will help to maintain your natural stone’s resistance to stains.

This Casablanca Leathered Quartzite from Aria Stone Gallery was brilliantly fashioned into a vanity designed by Jessica Wilson, which compliments the refined color scheme of the powder room.

Nero Fusion is inherently a textured stone with varying level of rigidness. Adding a leathered finish to this stone only increases the depth perception and warmth to this beautiful island designed by DeLeo & Fletcher. Stone sourced from Aria Stone Gallery.

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