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Paris Fashion Week 2017

Paris Fashion Week is romance, style, and couture all rolled into one. Design enthusiasts frequently look to fashion to find inspiration from the textures, colors, materials, and moods of the collections, as well as to determine the next up-and-coming styles. Throughout fashion week, we witnessed fascinating use of colors, silhouettes, and metallics to bring to life a stunning wardrobe. Below you will find out how you can incorporate and enjoy these ideas in your home through a colorful assortment of natural stone.

3cm Emerald Green
2cm Emerald Sea








Many designers incorporated emerald and golden hues into their Spring/Summer lines. From Manish Arora’s African tribal-inspired line to Andrew Gn’s Elizabethan Couture, these rich, eye-catching colors were seen on many catwalks. Aria Stone Gallery’s Emerald Green and Emerald Sea quartzite slabs also incorporate the soft, flowing emerald hues as seen during Fashion Week. Much like the flowing color palette of Tuomas Merikoski’s incredible prêt–à–porter collection, the soft color and ease of pattern in this Emerald Green stone creates a distinguished design, while the subtle veining enhances the wonderful texture.

3cm Grigio Carnico
2cm New Belgium Black








One concept that the French have perfected is the art of the silhouette. The precise attention to the form of design is placed at the utmost importance. From fashion to interiors, balance is always key. Minimizing color and amplifying texture allows you to experiment with unique and creative forms more freely without the risk of over-designing. To achieve a similar aesthetic in interiors, view Aria Stone Gallery’s Grigio Carnico in a bookmatch layout.

3cm Lemurian
3cm Matrix 3D








Electrifying metallics have been a prominent theme across fashion week, beginning in Milan and continuing all the way to Paris. Pascal Millet’s incredible showcase debuted a multitude of metallics with a blue-grey sheen, while John Galliano’s pink metallic jumpsuit plays with a whimsical child-like spirit. Similar to these fabrics, Aria Stone Gallery’s Lemurian Granite takes on a new life when light reflects from the material. Due to its metallic properties, Labradorite, which is found in Lemurian, is often used for jewelry. Lemurian would work as a beautiful large scale wall application near interesting lighting.

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Maison & Objet Paris 2016

Last week concluded the week long exhibition of the latest and greatest in European Interior Design. Although the entire event left mixed reviews and many people underwhelmed, the principal undertone was very clear: natural stone is still a huge trend.

British Lifestyle retail, Amara Living, featured a slew of natural stone accessories.

Marco Guazzini has created his own stone that is inspired by his native lands in Italy. His home is best know for their marble and their natural wood fiber. Marco was able to embed the brightly hued fibers into the stone and create a new form of marbling. From there he chiseled them into different decor items.

Marco also showcased these beautiful stone and acrylic vases that are a beautiful mix of natural and manmade mediums.

Our Director of Marketing and Operations, April Graves,  attended Central Saint Martin UAL, with one of the shows award winners, Troels Flenstefd. Troel created a line of powdered pigmented vessels that have a marbled pattern to the finish.

Belgium architects Glenn Sestig joined forces with Obumex to create a full natural stone kitchen that was exhibited at the M&O fair. The only visible obstruction is the facet, creating a minimalist dream. The solemn titanium travertine is industrial and minimal

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