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Q & A with Stephen Viscusi, Author and Design Extraordinaire

Stephen Viscusi, best-selling author, TV personality, and industry headhunter, shares his expertise within the design industry at Decorative Center Houston’s Spring Market. Viscusi has been featured on a variety of TV networks and shows including: NPR, CNN, CBS, CNBCABC NewsFOX NewsAmerican MorningGood Morning AmericaThe Tyra Banks ShowSteve Harvey, and many more.


As Viscusi gears up for his expose he talks to us about how to stay competitive, the tools you need to succeed, and his secret advice on what it takes to become the next TV celebrity design star.

Aria Stone Gallery (ASG): Stephen Viscusi, welcome to Houston.

Stephen Viscusi (SV): Thank you, I’ve never been.  I’ve been to Texas many times, The Viscusi Group has lots of clients here, but this is my first time in Houston.

ASG: So, let me get this right, you’re an author, TV Personality, and headhunter?

SV: Yes, that’s right. Viscusi Group is a search practice that specializes in the interior furnishings industry, residential and contract. We recruit from CEOs to Showroom Managers. I am also the author of two books, the latest one, Bulletproof Your Job (Harper Collins), and yes, I’m a frequent workplace guest expert on NBCUniversal’s “Steve Harvey.”  I’m known as “America’s Workplace Guru” from my days as the Workplace Expert on ABC’s Good Morning America.  Like many Americans, I’m obsessed with reality television.

ASG: What are you coming to Houston for, and what is your program about?

SV: Today, it seems that every interior designer wants to be the next HGTV star.  There was a time when it was enough to get your own spread in “Architectural Digest,” and that’s still great, but the truth is, everyone wants to be the designer recognized from television today. I’m coming to Houston to teach Houstonians my secrets on getting yourself on television.

ASG: So you’re going to teach the A&D community how to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines?

SV: Well at least Houston’s version of that. Truth is, to get on television today, it’s all about personality, personality, personality. I’m going to explain to our audience how to create a Sizzle Reel, and how they can use their big Texas charm to cozy up to segment producers on the local news to get them on the air.

ASG: Wow! Sounds exciting!

SV: Well, it is.  It’s little baby steps to get yourself and your designs in front of the local TV audience first. Let’s face it, we have news starting at 5AM, 6AM, then all night long.  There’s local network, and cable. Too much airtime, not enough topics or talent. It’s not just about your design, it’s about saying interesting things that are telegenic, as well as looking different. Hey, if I could launch my own TV career, anybody can.  It’s sounding provocative, or it’s as simple as just having an unusual hair color, a certain flair about your style, something that makes you stand out and is interesting for people to watch.  I’m happy to be in Houston and I know that everyone who comes to the program will leave with some information that will get them on TV, and maybe even, eventually, their own show. I’m also going to give a lot of tips on increasing your social media and viral marketing presence. It’s many of the same tools you need to get on TV.


Decorative Center Houston’s Spring Market unveils this Thursday, April 28th at the DCH from 9am to 6pm. Interior Designers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals will enjoy a variety of open house programs and keynote presentations, including Viscusis. To learn more about the Secrets to Becoming the Next TV Celebrity Designer, visit Decorative Center Houston’s Spring Market Itinerary.

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Stephen Viscusi Bio

Stephen Viscusi is the Bestselling author of Harper Collins’ Bulletproof Your Job, as well as the Random House book, On the Job. Viscusi currently appears on the CNBC series, “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.” He is also the regular resident Workplace Expert on NBCUniversal’s “Steve Harvey.” Viscusi is the CEO of The Viscusi Group is based in New York City, and is a global Executive Search firm that specializes in the Interior Furnishings industry. You can follow Stephen Viscusi on twitter @StephenViscusi, on Linkedin at Stephen Viscusi, and you can follow The Viscusi Group on Facebook.

Viscusi is globally recognized as a Workplace Expert, known here in the United States as “America’s Workplace Guru.” To reach Stephen by telephone call 212-979-5700, or email

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