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D Home Online | The Hand-Selection Experience

Aria Stone Gallery and D Magazine collaborated on an exciting article, New and Exciting Hand Selection Stone Experience this September, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this one-of-a-kind-program!

As a pioneer in the industry, Aria continually pushes the envelope when it comes to customer experience and education which holds true with the announcement of our new, custom “World-Class Hand Selection” program. The program is a once in a lifetime excursion which gives the clients a chance to experience the behind-the-scenes process of hand selecting stone for their special project. See a sneak peek of the feature below or check out this entire article here!



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Dallas Design District Blog: Monthly Interview Spotlight featuring Aria Stone Gallery

Brazil, China, India, Italy, Madagascar, Turkey – These are just a few of the far-flung locales Aria Stone Gallery scouts for exclusive quarries to stock its collections of hand. Dallas Design District Blog September 2016 features Aria’s unique take on the stone industry: all stone is art. Read more of Dallas Design District’s interview with Aria VP, April Graves, below!

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-3-53-19-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-00-22-am screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-00-37-amscreen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-02-26-amscreen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-04-46-am

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D Home | 2016 Faces Of Dallas: April Graves, “Stone is Art” Educator

To April Graves, each slab of stone at Aria Stone Gallery is a work of art, and she makes it her mission to educate others about the gallery’s curated collection of hand-selected, exotic natural stone from the world’s most exclusive quarries. Read more about April’s journey as VP of Aria below!

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Q & A with Brant McFarlain from R. Brant Design


R. Brant Design- Brant McFarlain

Recently we had the pleasure to ask one of Dallas’ talented designers and creative masterminds, Brant McFarlain, from R. Brant Design, a few questions regarding the inspiration behind his award-winning design at Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio event. He partnered with Jean de Merry to create the largest and highest selling vignette in Thrift Studio history, earning him this prestigious recognition. Dwell with Dignity describes their annual Thrift Studio Pop-up shop as “an opportunity to celebrate beauty and creativity while helping others come home— in the truest sense of the word.”

McFarlain attended the University of North Texas where he acquired a Fine Arts degree, and went on to work as a designer for Leo A. Daly and Morrison Seifert Murphy before venturing off and starting his own company.  He is best known for creating designs for high-end residential homes, national hospitality chains, and corporate clientele.  See what McFarlain had to say about his vignette design and what inspires him in this one-on-one interview.



Q. What inspired your vignette design at Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio?

A. Jean de Merry was our major sponsor for the event, so our ‘vision’ was stemmed from their immaculate collection.  One of my favorite pieces we chose to put in our vignette was a JDM sofa.  It was a gorgeous, masculine piece with rich leather and black lacquer.  That masculinity became the foundation of our design as we developed our gentlemen’s bedroom suite.


Q. What inspired you to work with Dwell with Dignity?

A. This is one of those opportunities where I couldn’t say no – it was a complete yes from the beginning.  I hold this organization in such high regard, and am inspired by everything they do for those in need.  I’m not even sure I’d say I was ‘inspired’ to work with Dwell with Dignity, more like I was honored and humbled by doing so.


Q. What is your favorite aspect/key component of this design?

A. I immediately fell in love with the room layout and the way our defined spaces still allowed a connected feel. Our space was unique in that it was quite large, yet still felt intimate and cozy.


Q. What are some key points to keep in mind when designing a masculine yet warm and inviting space, such as this one?

A. It is about selecting key pieces that exude masculinity, while also developing a consistent backdrop that creates an inviting room.  I created warmth by adding lighter colors, contrasting textures, rich rugs, and luscious throws and bedding.


Q. Where do you draw your overall inspiration from?

A. Italian modernism.


Q. With a neutral color palette such as this one, what design elements do you find are most important to keep in mind?

A. When the color palette stays neutral, it is critical to add variety through textures and patterns. A bit of the unexpected makes it playful and infuses your own personality into the space.


Q. What are your favorite ways to add texture and dimension to a space?

A. Unique art and accessories you wouldn’t find anywhere else!  It’s all about developing the subtle layers that help give a space depth and texture.


Q. How would you describe your style? What do you want readers to know about you as a designer?

A. I’m a minimalist – less is more.  A timeless aesthetic is what I strive for – modern, traditional, and everything in between.  My ultimate design style is sleek and sexy, but also practical.


Q. What are three pieces of advice you would give to an aspiring designer?

A. First, I would say find a designer that you admire and respect.  Seek out opportunities to learn and grow as a professional from them.  Second, develop confidence in your design preferences and your skills as a designer.  Have a solid foundation of who you are as a designer and what it means to you. Then, of course I’d say take what you know about the rules of interior design and learn when to bend those rules to create something unique and extra special.

Brant-McFarlain-Quote-01Q. Currently, what are your favorite types of stone to incorporate into your designs?

A. I love using white marbles with limestones. The light, neutral tones creates a sophisticated, soothing timeless aesthetic.

Q. What is your favorite way to incorporate stone into your designs?

A. For a very luxurious look,  using slab material for floors and walls is great when budgets allow.  This also creates a unique design with no grout joints.

Q. What factors do you take into consideration when selecting stone for a particular design?

A. The mood of an interior is set through multiple factors. I look at color, patterning and finish when designing with stone.  The color of the stone for obvious reasons, the patterning in the stone is determined by the application of the slabs and tiles.  If using a tile, I don’t like strong, heavy veining in marbles because it becomes very busy when the different tiles are applied.  Finish is fun to play with as well in a space.  You can mix polished and honed surfaces to create contrast or subtle interest.  Honed spaces feel soft and understated where as polished can sometimes feel cold and formal.

Q. Any additional designer tips you can give our readers when it comes to selecting stone?

A. As a rule, minimize the number of different materials in one space. For example, I typically specify the same stone for both the counter tops and full height backsplash.

About Dwell with Dignity Charity Organization

Dwell with Dignity is a nonprofit agency dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. Their mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. They empower families to lead their best lives and to thrive in a safe, functional and beautiful environment. By providing and installing home interiors that include furnishings, art, linens, kitchen supplies and food in the pantry, they enable families to become stable and create home lives they are proud of. Toxic stress levels are reduced significantly. Academics improve. Play dates are made. Plans are made for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and family dinners. These homes have a powerful generational impact.

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A Noble Desk Made for a Noble Office

Blue Bahia Granite Custom Desk

This all-American library with bold blues and splashes of red and white hues has us feeling patriotic with fourth of July just around the corner. Featuring our timeless Blue Bahia granite, this custom Mid-Century Modern desk is the colorful highlight to this rich and elegant space. Designed in collaboration with the homeowner and artisan, this one-of-a-kind furniture piece features custom notched legs, while its clean lines blend beautifully with the modern aesthetic. Adding a pop of color and a dash of bold, this durable, work of art provides both form and function, marrying the two effortlessly.

Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


custom granite midcentury desk
Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


midcentury blue bahia granite desk
Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Custom mid-century desk with Blue Bahia sourced from Aria Stone Gallery. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


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Best in Marble: Architectural Digest’s 22 Baths Swathed in Graphic Marble

Recently showcased in Architectural Digest, “22 Baths Swathed in Graphic Marble”, the stunning beauty of marble is on full display in this editorial feature, transforming these spaces into tranquil and peaceful getaways. Walls, baths, showers, and vanities- marble is taking over bathrooms around the world and we can’t seem to get enough of this time-defying trend.  From beautiful book matched showers to marble cladded tubs, these inspirational spaces are sure to end up on your Pinterest board.

At Aria, we are constantly searching for the latest in trends and inspiration that further elevate stone to a finer art. So without further ado, please enjoy these “marble-ous” bathrooms that are sure to delight.


Designed by Ehrlich Architects  ll  Photo by Roger Davies


Renovated by Alexa Hampton  ll  Photo by Scott Frances


Designed by Peter Marino  ll  Photo by Joshua McHugh


Designed by architect, Thomas Juul-Hansen, and decorator Amy Lau  ll  Photo by Thomas Loof

Designed by Marmot Radziner  ll  Photo by Roger Davies


Designed by Studio Scofield  ll  Photo by Scott Frances


Designed by Laura Santos  ll  Photo by Nikolas Koenig


Designed by Steven Volpe Design  ll  Photo by Pieter Estersohn


Designed by Annabelle Selldorf  ll  Photo by Oberto Gili

wood grained marble-bathroom-inspiration-12

Designed by Rees Roberts + Partners  ll  Photo by Scott Frances


Designed by the Wiseman Group  ll  Photo by Matthew Millman


Renovated by Olson Kundig  ll  Photo by Simon Watson


Renovated by Chuck Chewing  ll  Photo by Björn Wallander


Designed by Thomas Jayne  ll  Photo by Pieter Estersohn


Designed by Waldo Fernandez  ll  Photo by Roger Davies


Designed by David Kleinberg  ll  Photo by Eric Piasecki


Designed by Dede Prates  ll  Photo by Pieter Estersohn


Designed by Michael S. Smith Inc. and Ferguson & Shamamian Architects  ll  Photo by Pieter Estersohn
Waldo Fernandez’s Los Angeles house  ll  Photo by Roger Davies
Designed by Scott Snyder ll Photo by Kim Sargent

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D Home | Do You See What I See?

Using the principles of the Rorschach Psychological Inkblot Test, D Home asked a few designers what imagery emerges when they gaze upon this suggestive hunk of marble, “Do you see what I see?” The fierce black and white veining of Aria Stone Gallery’s bookmatched Dalmata marble create an incredible display of nature’s artistic abilities.


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PaperCity Houston December 2015

Featured in PaperCity Houston December 2015, Statement Furniture created a one-of-a kind art piece for Aria Stone Gallery – a hand-carved, petrified Onyx Black Cloud slab, transformed to look as if it was just cut from a tree.

Houston - page 86

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Modern Luxury Interiors Texas July 2015

Modern Luxury Interiors Texas July 2015 gives a sneak peek of Aria Stone Gallery’s stunning showroom in the Dallas Decorative Center. Rows upon rows of stunning stone slab bookmatches adorn the walls of this art gallery-like space, living up to the company’s brand, “Stone Is Art”.

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Patron August/September 2014

What better way to make a clean modern kitchen stand out than a colorful stone countertop? Aria Stone Gallery’s rainbow River Jade marble, featured in Patron August/September 2014, bookmatches beautifully across this massive island, making for a dramatic focal point.

Patron_August-September 2014 - Download

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