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With Spring in full bloom, Summer just around the corner, and renovations on our minds, make your space as hot or cold as you would like it to be with the help of natural stone.  Whether you choose to warm up your space with Sequoia Brown or cool it down with Shadow Storm, we have the latest materials to match your personal style.  To choose a stone that evokes warmth, look for shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, and tan.  While ‘cooler’ stones embody shades of blue, green, violet, and greys. Take a sneak peek at some of the hottest and coolest stones of the season below.

Designer Tip:  

Combine both cool and warm tones into your overall design for a well-balanced aesthetic. Warm hues are used in interiors to stimulate the viewer while cool tones help to focus creating a soothing, tranquil environment.  Warm tones work great in social rooms in the house such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen, while cool colors work fabulously in private rooms such as the bedroom, office, and nursery.  Keep in mind that the size of the room is also important when deciding which hues to incorporate.  Warm hues tend to advance, while cool colors tend to recede, making them more ideal for smaller rooms.

2cm Shadow Storm B4077

True grey with organic, soft veining moving throughout, this recently re-stocked, neutral marble is the perfect complement to any modern or transitional design.

Tip: Pair this natural beauty with a pop of warm color to add warmth to your space.

3cm Bianco Verslio A3850


The waves of purple, blue, green and black effortlessly merge in this marble of majesty. Truly this is an Aria work of art.

Tip: Pair this showstopper with natural, rustic elements to warm it up and relax your space.

Other special mentions:


2cm Sequoia Brown A37


This piece evokes the same warming sensation as cuddling up next to a cozy fireplace, on a cold Aspen winter night . It features beautiful shades of red and rich browns, which gracefully flow throughout the piece.

Tip: Balance this warm piece with metallic gold accents to add some sizzle to the space.

2cm Taj Mahal A4460


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