Sherwin Williams 2018 Forecast | Aria Stone Gallery

Each year, Sherwin Williams analyzes pop-culture, behavior, politics, trends, design, and many more to forecast what the top colors of the following year will be. In late 2017, Sherwin Williams released three distinct color palettes which they believe will be the most popular colors used in 2018. These colors are not just for paint alone, but will be the most trending colors in Interior Design. The three color palettes are Sincerity, Unity, and Connectivity. Read on to see how to incorporate natural stone into these color palettes for your next project.


The color palette of sincerity is focused on the less is more point-of-view. Increasingly our lives are becoming more hectic and we find that we have less and less free time. Silent moments are categorized as rare, peaceful, and full of possibility. Society as a whole is more careful than ever to define something as sincere. Aesthetics such as Minimalism, Hygge, Normcore influenced the hushed, hazy color palette. The hues found across this palette have notes of “complex grays and hazy botanicals” that evoke the “blending in is standing out” state of mind.Sherwin Williams - Connectivity Color Palette

Sherwin Williams - Sincerity Color Palette
Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams, Colormix Forecast 2018 – Sincerity Palette

Stone Slabs also within the Sincerity Color Palette
Corteccia Marble  Palissandro Extra Marble  Fusion Quartzite  White Mustang Quartzite



Now more than ever, our global perspective is evolving and expanding. We have the ability to interact with many different cultures and travel to remote landscapes. The colors that form unity derives from the notion that “we crave security and adventure in equal measure.” Popular apps such as Airbnb, e-learning and car sharing apps have promoted “everyday nomadism.” The Unity color palette was heavily influenced by artisanal crafts, transculturalism, and indigenous patterns.
Sherwin Williams - Unity Color Palette

Sherwin Williams - Unity Palette
Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams, Colormix Forecast 2018 – Unity Palette

Stone Slabs also within the Unity Color Palette

 Audacia Honed Quartzite  Iron Red Granite  Silver Wave Marble  Colosseo Marble



The Connectivity palette was designed with data in mind. With influences such as California pop, virtual reality, and environmentalism, it is no surprise that these vibrant colors make a bold statement that will breathe life into any space. These instagram-worthy colors were heavily influenced by their prominence in the tech industry and bring to mind the utopian ideals of Millenial and Gen Z youth culture.

Sherwin Williams - Connectivity Color Palette

Sherwin Williams - Connectivity Palette
Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams, Colormix Forecast 2018 – Connectivity Palette

Stone Slabs also within the Connectivity Color Palette

Emerald Sea Quartzite  Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra Marble  Azul Imperiale Quartzite  Onyx Kilimanjaro

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