3cm Audacia Honed Quartzite Bundle Number: A81


Aria’s Audacia quartzite originates from Caturama in the state of Bahia, Brazil, very close to the city of Macaubas where the Azul Macaubas is quarried. These quarries only produce a limited amount of about 12-15 blocks of Audacia per month, making this stone a rare and unique find. Soft to the touch and adorned with ribbons of silvery green and blue grey, this dreamy quartzite makes a luxurious statement.

Stone Type: Quartzite

Thickness: 3 cm

Stone Finish: Honed

Average Size: 117" x 78"

Country of Origin: Brazil

Quantity: 12 Slabs

Color: Blue, Green

Location: Dallas , Houston ,

$2,788.00 per slab

Curious about what that equates to in square feet?

$44.00 per square foot