2cm White Macaubas Quartzite Bundle Number: A5683


A little known fact: the elegant, enlongated White Macaubas is actually the exact same material as the rich and earthy Calacatta Quartzite. The difference between materials is that the Macaubas is vein cut and the Calacatta is cross cut, making for a difference in vein movement.

Read more about the difference between vein and cross cut slabs here.

This balanced bundle of White Macaubas quartzite features a cool white background and uniform, thin horizontal veins traveling along the slab. This beautiful neutral complements any project or space. An elegant pattern of striations across a white backdrop, and of course a grand size gives this piece its signature look. The soft finish allows the viewer an undistracted appreciation of the silvery blue field and its subtle, linear veins of darker grey, creamy white, and sandy brown.

Stone Type: Quartzite

Thickness: 2 cm

Stone Finish: Polished

Average Size: 118" x 69"

Country of Origin: Brazil

Quantity: 2 Slabs

Color: Grey, White

Location: Dallas ,

$1,526.00 per slab

Curious about what that equates to in square feet?

$27.00 per square foot