2cm Jurassico Travertine Bundle Number: A29


Aria’s Jurassico travertine is not only unique to its kind, but also unique among all material types. This special bundle is a mixture of travertine and onyx, a partially translucent natural stone perfect for statement pieces. Light cream, deep brown, and maroon veining are intricately woven to form a miraculously precise and organic pattern within this earthy slab.

Stone Type: Travertine

Thickness: 2 cm

Stone Finish: Polished

Average Size: 118" x 65"

Country of Origin: Iran

Quantity: 16 Slabs

Color: Brown, Taupe

Location: Dallas , Houston ,

$2,184.00 per slab

Curious about what that equates to in square feet?

$41.00 per square foot