2cm Fusion Quartzite

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111 × 67 in
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111 × 67 in
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111 × 67 in
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111 × 67 in

2 cm

111 × 67 in
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111 × 67 in

Dallas, Houston

111 × 67 in


$4,442 per slab

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The story behind the stone

Aria Stone Gallery’s Fusion Quartzite is a gorgeous medley of deep blue, maroon, and cream swirling freely across a polished canvas. This stylish yet durable stone is ideal for a dramatic statement piece or powerful bookmatch.

What sets it apart

Our boutique collection is hand-selected, ensuring only the highest of quality slabs are selected. Making our collection very limited. With each slab being unique, your stone is truly one of a kind.


Stone is a natural solid formation of one or more minerals formed over millions of years through pressure. The minerals in stone came from the same liquid and gas minerals that formed the Earth. The Earth developed as a massive body of gas and liquid minerals that slowly cooled and condensed to a solid core. Through pressure, the Earth’s crust began to form and heavy minerals were forced down to the core of the Earth where they were trapped. As the crust got thicker, it squeezed around the inner core which created intense pressure and heat from within the Earth. Crystals and other solid forms began to grow from the mineral vapors that were being released. As the Earth’s crust began to expand and erode, heat and pressure pushed the solid minerals up to the Earth’s surface which formed colossal rock beds, which we refer to as “quarries.” The process to make these massive rock deposits took over one-hundred million years.  Quarries are found all around the world, with the majority located in: Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States, Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France, and Brazil.

From the remote mountainsides of far-flung, exotic destinations to the comfortable, classy interior of Aria Stone Gallery, we strive to consistently bring you the very best and most unique offerings from Mother Earth.

Aria Stone Gallery travels around the globe to hand select natural stone directly from the most prestigious quarries. We make selections based on the uniqueness of each slab and only purchase stone with deep-rooted history. Simply put, we focus on quality, rather than quantity. We only carry slabs that are a 9 or a 10 in quality and will not stock natural stone that does not live up to our high standards simply because of demand. Our goal is to share this strong passion for stone, and to help customers discover the uniqueness and beauty of every natural wonder in our gallery.

Transparency is at the heart of Aria. With the same pricing online as in the galleries, you will always know what you pay for materials versus labor. Every lot of material is professionally photographed for accurate color representation, ensuring what you see is what you receive.

Hand-Selected. First Quality Stones. 100% of the Time, All the Time.

How do I place an order?
Select the number of slabs needed for your project and simply add them to your cart! To calculate shipping, enter your ship-to zip code into the “zip code” field and your shipping cost will automatically populate. We currently ship everywhere in the contiguous United States. Please contact our concierge service directly for orders in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside of the United States.

Immediately after purchase, you will receive a confirmation from our concierge team letting you know that we have received your order. From here, our team will assist with coordinating shipping directly to your chosen fabricator.

Do I need a designer or fabricator to purchase slabs through you?
No, we are proud to sell directly to the public.

What if I do not have drawings/plans? 

Our concierge team can help you determine how many slabs you need based upon the application, design, and layout. Your designer/fabrication partner can also assist you with this.

How do I find a designer/fabricator?
Please feel free to contact our concierge team for assistance. We have dealt with hundreds of designers and fabricators throughout the country and are happy to help you find one that is right for you.

How much is shipping?
Your shipping rate is based upon your fabrication partner’s destination.


Receive complimentary shipping with the purchase of 10 or more slabs.


Where should I ship my stone?
You would ship your stone to your fabrication partner. If you do not have a fabricator yet, you can still purchase the slabs and then e-mail our concierge service once you have decided on your fabrication partner. Please email the company name, address, phone number, and project manager name. Aria will coordinate shipment and notify you of the logistics. Our concierge team is also happy to help you select a fabrication partner if you do not have one already.

We will ship your slabs within 2-3 weeks from purchase. We will send you a shipping confirmation to make sure you are in the know as soon as the slabs ship and when they are expected to arrive.


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