2cm Alpinus Granite Bundle Number: A4303


A partially translucent white background, painted with swirling patterns and bold, black circles gives this special bundle of Alpinus granite its appeal. Its origin begins from the little town of Rubelita, Brazil (population of 8k), an area famous for its precious stones. Particularly popular in certain areas of China, this high-end yet durable material is perfect for any application, from kitchen countertops to unique art pieces.

Stone Type: Granite

Thickness: 2 cm

Stone Finish: Polished

Average Size: 118" x 70"

Country of Origin: Brazil

Quantity: 5 Slabs

Color: Brown, Cream, Taupe

Location: Dallas , Houston ,

$2,180.00 per slab

Curious about what that equates to in square feet?

$38.00 per square foot