New York Fashion Week is the talk of the country right now. In September, all of the top designers from around the world come in and showcase designs that will be available coming next spring. By watching NYFW, you can see color palettes and design trends that in the next six months will influence not only the fashion world but will be travel through all design industries. Therefore, in light of what the fashion industry has to offer these coming months, Aria is drawing comparisons to what will be showcased in the world of natural stone.


Delpozo is the Spanish design firm that is headed by the multitalented Jesus Del Pozo. He spoke to Womens Wear Daily and said he was inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Gypsy Ballads” and Emilie Flöge, the fashion-loving muse of Gustav Klimt. However, there was no literal Spanish flamboyance or Wiener Werkstätte here. Instead, he took his audience on a couture-like dream of rich imagination, inventive constructions and remarkable craftsmanship.

This would also accurately describes the Aquamarine marble that will arrive at Aria Stone Gallery this December. Its light blue backdrop and horizontal navy blue veins are extremely rare and unique among marbles. Aquamarine is a rich, dreamlike material that shares a similar veining structure with the constructed shapes of the Delpozo couture.aria-Naeem-Khan-Matrix-3D

Naeem Khan has become a staple on every red carpet for the past few years and with this dress it is no wonder. The three dimensional nature of this fabric makes this simple dress look like armor and yet entirely feminine. I would be shocked not to see this dress on someone for the Oscars.

Our Matrix 3D granite is a stone that could be a “magic eye” painting. The field is truly 3 dimensional. The silver and grey tones warp the mind and almost creates movement. The sparkle in this slab almost seems unnatural or from another world.


The great late Oscar De La Renta company lives on with a fully elegant and sophisticated line of suits, dresses and wears that would grace the wardrobe of only the highest of society woman. The skirt suit shown above is the perfect example of a decadent, structured outfit featuring delicate black embroidery.

Like the suit, the Red Fusion is a strong cabernet toned quartzite with delicate black veining that swirls throughout the slab. If you stop by Aria’s Dallas showroom for a visit, you will immediately recognize this beautiful material from the grand office desk. Much like the De La Renta, it is sophisticated and bold and only those with great taste will know how to best use it.


Rodarte is best know for feminine, lacy and lingerie inspired looks. Their Spring 2016 line has these elements with a darker twist. They used blacks and rust to compliment the victorian lace in this dress above. Although the shape of this dress is feminine, the color pattern and styling makes for a very strong statement.

Aria’s Zebrino Black and Gold Marble is an exact match to this dress with one key difference; A black field, as opposed to white, that is brushed with tones of white and rust to give it a unique and edgy glow. Much like the dress, it may come off bold and graphic but with proper styling and design compliments this funky stone becomes an interesting focal piece that crosses all trends.

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