parisian floors milan design week 2018

The world renowned Milan Design Week is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this incredible and inspiring event. Taking place from April 17th to the 22nd, designers, artists, architects and innovators alike will gather in Milan to exhibit their latest collections in Italy’s shimmering city of design.

In a country where natural stone (primarily marble) has long been at the heart of design, it is inspiring to see plentiful use of stone in furniture, art and architecture in new and modern designs. Here is a sneak-peak into some of the exhibits from world renowned design studios and the new and unexpected ways they use natural stone.

objects of common interest milan design week 2018
Marble Bent Stools. Photo courtesy of objects of common interest.


Modern Designs with Colorful Natural Stone

Over the past year, there has been a large shift with many designers and homeowners searching for colorful stones that highlight unique personality to their designs. The desire for color is increasingly prevalent among furniture design, as seen in the design studio, objects of common interest. This New York/Greece based design studio focuses on creating furniture pieces and still life objects that inspire materiality, process and concept. During their exhibition in Milan Design Week, the studio will be collaborating with Matter Made on a new series from its “Relativity of Color” collection, and also with Bloc Studios, which debuts three new marble collections.

objects of common interest milan design week 2018
Marble Parallel Bench. Photo courtesy of objects of common interest.


Raw, Unfinished, Earthy Natural Stone

A Lot Of Brasil is a revolutionary and high-end furniture design studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. This studio focuses mostly on technology and design innovation, frequenting the use of raw materials to create eco-friendly furniture pieces that are both functional and beautiful. They will be featuring a wide array of new marble, metal and wood products, designed by the company’s talented collaborators at Milan Design Week 2018.

a lot of brasil milan design week 2018
Mesa Capim Dourado (Golden Grass Table). Photo courtesy of A Lot Of Brasil.


Intricate, Geometric Marble Floors

Aria was so inspired by this highlight on the Milan Design Week website, featuring marble, porcelain and stone floor tiles, that we had to share! Photographer Sebastian Erras, has traveled around the world to capture the most beautiful floors on camera, and change the perspective of how we look at them. Italy and many areas of Europe are famed for hand-crafted tiles arranged into extravagant patterns on floors everywhere. Since flooring can oftentimes be overlooked, we encourage you to look down and admire the stone beneath you during Milan Design Week!

parisian floors milan design week 2018
Grey marble floor tiles. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Erras.
parisian floors milan design week 2018
White marble floor tiles. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Erras.

Eye Catching Marble with Artisan Woodwork

Peg Woodworking, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a one-woman-run studio created by designer and woodworker Kate Casey. Inspired by Peruvian and American Indian weaving and a focus on form, function, color and pattern, Casey’s intricate and beautiful pieces combine geometric clean lines with the natural beauty of Earth-found elements – such as marble and wood. Aria Stone Gallery has collaborated with Peg Woodworking on a few stone projects, such as the White Beauty Satet Coffee Table and Portoro Gold Totem Table, and we are so thrilled to see this amazing artist and her newest collections featured at Milan Design Week.

peg woodworking milan design week 2018
White Beauty marble Satet Coffee Table. Photo and design courtesy of Peg Woodworking.
peg woodworking milan design week 2018
Totem Table featuring Aria Stone Gallery’s Portoro Gold marble. Photo courtesy of Peg Woodworking.



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