Aria Stone Gallery Sea Pearl Quartzite Kitchen

This is a perfect example of a truly informed customer. This lovely couple spent a year researching and becoming experts on all aspects of home renovation. When they finally felt confident enough that Aria had the best looking Sea Pearl quartzite in the area, they decided to use it in several places in their home.

Aria Stone Gallery Sea Pearl Quartzite Kitchen

Sea Pearl, when in good mining condition, is a beautiful and interesting neutral. It carries swathes of green in a taupe grey field and can go with anything. Unfortunately, the mountain that produces Sea Pearl has closed.

Needless to say, this kitchen is a cook’s dream. With an oversized peninsula, there is plenty of space to create tasteful confections. They added another element of interest to their design by mitering the edges of their countertop, creating the look of a thicker slab and adding a nice focal point to the space.  Pulling the whole look together, they complemented the countertop beautifully with the use of grey subway tile from Artistic Tile. They continued this look into their master bathroom with a spa-like shower and were able to create a space that feels clean and spacious.

Now what do you do when you have pieces of slab left over? This couple chose to feature the remaining slab pieces throughout the rest of the space. They lined the tops of their cabinets in their master closet with the stone and the side cabinets of their custom wine refrigerator. As a final touch, they created a lazy susan that now sits on their kitchen countertop next to the stove.


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