Aria Stone Gallery Black Fantasy Granite | Full Slab View

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an article about kitchen trends titled Is The Kitchen The New Man Cave? As a stone supplier, Aria Stone Gallery has also seen a surge in kitchen design directions being influence towards a more masculine aesthetic, as well as an increased involvement in the design process by male counterparts. 

Darker colors such as black, dark grey hues, brown, rust and tend to evoke a more masculine, or mysterious, ambiance in terms of color theory. Stones such as Black Fantasy, a primarily black granite with grey swirls and rust highlights, and Eramosa, a chocolate colored marble with a patterning that closely resembles a paisley, can provide a strong solid surface direction in the kitchen. Sequoia Brown, a soft quartzite, also lends towards a more manly undertone. 

Aria Stone Gallery’s Black Fantasy Granite


Aria Stone Gallery’s Eramosa Marble


Aria Stone Gallery’s Sequoia Brown Marble

We have seen dark stones such as these used on the entire kitchen surface, such as AVID Associate’s Copper Dune kitchen or as an accent island to offset a softer, more feminine, natural surrounds.

Textured finishes such as leathered or brushed add a more tactile sensation and depth of field to stone execution. Aria’s Santo Domingo Brushed granite is a great example.




Aria Stone Gallery’s Santo Domingo Granite

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