Marie Flanigan

“There are few things more luxurious for the home than natural stone. Whether you’re drawn to neutrals or are ready to make a statement, my collection for Aria Stone has something for everyone.” – Marie Flanigan

This month, Aria Stone Gallery launched a collection of natural stone slabs in collaboration with Marie Flanigan Interiors. Aria brought along the Marie Flanigan team and traveled to Italy to hand-select seven marbles directly from the source. Aria Stone Gallery’s ability to source from some of the most exclusive quarries in the world paired with Marie Flanigan team’s exceptional taste, this collection of marble slabs covers everything from neutral to statement stones. Read more to get inspired by applications and insight into why Marie selected each one of these marbles featured in her collection.

ASG: How would you describe your style?

MF: I describe my style as innovative simplicity, using a balanced combination of color, texture, and light. Given that my educational and professional background is in architecture, my designs seamlessly unite beauty and structure, unlocking a unique level of depth through the mutual consideration of an interior and its framework. In addition, my style embodies the new traditional, which celebrates a modern take on a classic design. I love to layer different textures and genres to make a home feel collected and curated.

Marie Flanigan Headshot

Q: What is it you love about natural stone?

MF: Designing the hard finishes in any home is all about the details. I am incredibly inspired by nature and aim to incorporate organic and authentic materials into every space I design. The beauty and intricacy of natural stone can’t match manmade imitations. I love to use it in unexpected, creative, and innovative ways.

Carrara Quarry

ASG: What was your favorite memory your team has from hand-selecting the stones for your collection in Italy?

MF: Aria Stone Gallery is able to source the finest materials in the world so we sent our Design Director, Melanie Hamel, to travel to Italy and engage in the selection process for the collection firsthand. In Carrara, they built the entire city out of stone with patina on everything. The city was so stunning and it was amazing to see how it has stood the test of time.

ASG: What applications can you picture for the stones in your collection?

Marie Flanigan's Collection Stones


  • Verde Aver’s nature-inspired tones act as a rich neutral. I see this stone as a stunning bar.
  • The Calacatta Gold Borghini Diamond is like no other. When visiting the Borghini quarry in Italy, it only deepened my appreciation for how rare and one-of-a-kind this stone truly is.
  • Bianco Dolomite is a contemporary stone with subtlety and sophistication. Thus, it blends seamlessly into any space.
  • Calacatta Namibia is a classic with a twist. It’s a true crowd-pleaser with a clean look. I used this marble in one of my favorite kitchens paired with antique brass.
  • Nuvola Bianco is a dramatic marble with visual weight. It would be the ideal complement to white marble.
  • The dynamic movement of Fume Marble sets it apart. With warm and cool tones make it the perfect pairing for any tile.
  • Breccia Pernice is for the homeowner looking to make a bold statement. While still incorporating the earth’s natural hues, its rust tones create an element of surprise.

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