From interiors to accessories, stone’s beauty can be seen and appreciated around the world through a variety of ways. Seen frequently in a form of wearable art, stones like diamonds and emeralds are widely known as every fashionista’s must have accessory. On the other hand, stones are often used to accent or define a space.  Seldom can a stone do both.  That’s where Labradorite comes in.  This stone has a unique blend of beauty and durability.




Labradorite is a feldspar mineral and is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.  The material has a hard crystalline structure that is unique in the stone world and is known to be exclusive due to it’s precious stone properties making it attractive in the jewelry industry.  It’s prized for it’s capability of displaying a wide variety of colors through it’s highly reflective crystal conglomerates that radiate a magnificent rainbow-like spectrum featuring reflections of blue, green, yellow, violet, red, and orange.  Shining at the mere ray of light, this beautiful display of iridescent colors is known as “labradorescence,” also referred to as the “eye’s” of the stone.  Labradorescence is caused by internal fractures that reflect light back and forth, dispersing it into different colors.  Some stones have a more prominent labradorescence effect and a greater play of color increases the value of the stone.


Due to it’s unique properties, this stone is a rare find and is not typically seen in mass-merchant jewelers.  Designers who specialize in unique and custom work, such as Rebecca Lankford Design, use it to create one of a kind, custom pieces of raw, natural art.

Similar to Aria, Rebecca finds inspiration from the gentle irregularities in nature.  She uses the beautiful stone to create her one of a kind jewelry collection; putting emphasis on it’s artistic qualities. Rebecca loves labradorite for it’s mysterious smokey blue color and it’s ability to take on the colors which surround it. Depending on what a person is wearing, labradorite can give you a flash of indigo, a soft green, or blend into a neutral grey. People adore labradorite jewelry for this reason. It is a basic layering and statement piece all at once. Based in Houston, Texas, Rebecca hand selects each stone that is used, whether it is a large slice for a cocktail ring, a bold drop for an earring, or a small faceted bead to add a hint of sparkle; she lets the stone dictate the design, not the other way around.

View a few of our favorite JLD Labradorite pieces below.






Beyond jewelry, this unique gem can also be found in anorthosite, an igneous rock rich in Labradorite, which can be cut, polished and used as an architectural stone. Aria’s Lemurian and Labradorite Bianco stones are both flawless examples of the marriage between the two stones. Beautiful pockets of labradorite can be seen throughout both of these pieces and their iridescent properties are sure to catch your eye. After all, who doesn’t love a little jewelry to compliment your space. Making for a stunning art piece, feature fireplace, kitchen or bathroom countertops.


Check out this recent project featuring a Lemurian outdoor patio table by designer, Tiffany McKinzie.  This poolside table highlights the uniqueness of labradorite as the rays of sunshine let the stone beautifully display it’s true colors.



Image compliments of Tiffany Mckinzie Interiors



Jewelry designer, Rebecca Lankford, started designing jewelry while working as a paralegal in the early 1990s. As her hobby began to flourish, Rebecca was inspired to perfect her craft and enrolled at the Glassell School of Art in Houston.  The foundational knowledge Rebecca gained from her work at Glassell launched her from a local favorite to an internationally renowned jewelry designer.

Two powerful influences drive Rebecca Lankford’s work:  her deeply spiritual upbringing and her mother’s contagious passion for DIY creativity.  “I grew up with a mom who made everything from beautiful clothes to a complete vegetable garden … everything she touched seemed to take on its own life.”

Rebecca Lankford Designs (RLD) began in 1995 when the Koelsch Gallery in Houston picked up her line. Now over twenty years later, RLD has moved into the former space of the Koelsch gallery, now known as studio 703. Rebecca’s jewelry has been sold nationwide as well as in Europe, Japan, South America, and Mexico.

Many of Rebecca’s jewelry pieces feature a cross, a form she cherishes for its simple beauty and personal symbolism.  Rebecca loves to combine unexpected materials, both refined and raw when she creates her jewelry, and she also draws inspiration from the gentle irregularities found in nature.

Rebecca’s work is designed, created, and forged at studio 703 in Houston, Texas and her business has grown to seven full-time employees.  Her designs capture a rare balance ranging from tiny and precious to vast and edgy, simple and minimalist to intricate and complex, and classic and traditional to contemporary and Bohemian.

“From the natural world, to the spiritual and back to an elegant minimalism.”

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