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Kate Weiser is Dallas’s first lady of Chocolate. She opened up her own chocolate shop in Trinity Groves and in just a year she has already opened a second location and plans to expand her current location.

Aria sat down with Kate to talk about the world of chocolate and why pastry chefs swear by marble work surfaces.


What made you fall in love with chocolate? 

I fell in love with the challenge.  Chocolate is the most difficult food to work with and no one is automatically great at working with it.  It takes so much patience and practice, time, and effort and hard work.  Things in life that are that challenging are usually the most rewarding.

Why is it that chocolatiers use marble for preparing chocolate/pastry? 

With chocolate, it’s all about temperature.  You want to manipulate the temperature of the product quickly to get the result you are looking for.  Marble tops keep cool and absorb the heat from the chocolate.  Tempering chocolate on stainless steel could take an hour, but doing it on marble could take 5-10 min.  I spent the first few years of my career without marble and once I made the switch, it made a huge different in productivity in my kitchen.

Would you ever consider using another type of stone for your work space? 

You can use any stone that absorbs heat. I’ve seen chocolatiers also use granite.

What is your favorite piece you are working on for Valentines Day?

I love our Messenger Bears.  We made chocolate sculptures that look like a fuzzy teddy bear. They are very tedious to create, but worth it.

What is next for your store?

We are planning on expanding in the next year or so. Building a much larger production kitchen with many more marble tables!

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