Marble Bookmatch Wall

Ask any perfectionist and they will tell you that it is all in the details. And oftentimes, it is the thing that you least expect that makes the longest-lasting impression. Fully cladded marble rooms are a beautiful and opulent design that will not disappoint. Here is inspiration from designers that have gone above and beyond the traditional marble countertops and made a statement with details and design techniques big and small to create seamless application of natural stone.

Marble Bookmatch Wall

These cabinets designed and fabricated by Il Granito, allow for a seamless transition of veining from one door to the next. The closets doors, composed entirely of marble were kept in their bookmatch design to transform this storage space into a focal point and a stunning work of art. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Vagli Honed Marble.

Marble Shower Drain

Natural stone is stunning and we do not want to lose a square inch more than we don’t have to. Allow the material to stand out by blending in with its surroundings. For example, in your shower, rather than cutting out a hole to insert another ubiquitous metal drain, repurpose the cutout stone into the hardware. Not only is the result stunning, but it also cuts down on wasted material. For this effect, speak to your fabricator about using a water jet tool, which can cut precise and small details with great accuracy.

Marble Shelves | Aria Stone Gallery

We like to think that the places in your home that you visit most often should be the most enjoyable. For city dwellers in a modern townhouse, make every step count by cladding each step entirely in natural stone.

Marble Cabinet | Aria Stone Gallery

Design with the veining and texture of your natural stone. Instead of stopping at the countertops and backsplash, align the pattern in the stone to flow as you use the stone for the facade of the drawers and cabinets for the perfect, seamless transformation.