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Italian design has long been the industry leader in combining form, function, and fashion in an innovative and exciting way. Home to a large portion of the world’s finest natural stone, it is no surprise that incorporating earthy tones with luxurious, sleek design is synonymous with the Italian designer. Many flock to the famed Milan Design District to gain inspiration and learn what the industry leaders have in store.

Milan Treetop View by Aria Stone Gallery
Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

Seamless, pure form is seen in this bathroom vignette in the heart of Milan’s Design District. The natural stone is incorporated throughout all aspects of this design from the countertop and backsplash, to details in the basin of the sink, executing a seamless finish.

Italians have long mastered the art of manipulating natural stone into geometric spheres and pairing it with minimalist, utilitarian hardware. Here, modern hardware artfully casts simplistic shadows upon the stone. The vertical lines of the floating shelves and the cascading faucet creates a sleek and stylish impression as it draws the eye upward, while at the same time preserving its efficiency and function.


Onyx is a versatile stone material to use as it has translucent, layered cryptocrystalline calcite, which makes it ideal for incorporating in lighting installations. This onyx gives new life to its surroundings in a multi-level chandelier, casting a warm glow and illuminating the surrounding textured wall art.

Onyx pendant lighting casts a warm glow on the artwork.

See below for additional pictures and inspiration from Aria Stone Gallery’s Milan Design District experience during the New World-Class Hand Selection Program.



Milan Design District


Aria Stone Gallery Trip to Milan: Geometric Shapes on Floating Shelf

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