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The Kitchen. Or Super Kitchen if you will. The hub for entertaining, socializing, cooking, reading, and working. It is where  a family comes together to share stories from their day and provide nourishment for their loved ones. With an essence of comfort and love surrounding the space, it continues to reign as one of the most popular rooms in the house.

Recently, Houzz released their “Kitchen Trend Study for 2016” and we are here to weigh in.  With nearly two-thirds of homeowners spending more than three hours a day in their kitchens, more and more of them  are deciding to update and renovate this high traffic area.

Luxe finishes, hi-tech appliances, and open concept are just a few of the trends that continue to gain popularity and lead the pack to what is now called the ‘Super Kitchen.’ With details like custom shelving, coffee stations, and TV’s, the Super Kitchen is the latest craze.

“The modern super kitchen supports family, friends and work, and it does it in style,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz.

“Our findings show that homeowners expect kitchen renovations to go beyond improving flow, storage or aesthetics. The super kitchen has literally become a living room, family room and office with layouts and decor that challenge us to define where the kitchen ends and where the rest of the home begins,” Sitchinava said.

After perusing the extensive survey,  it is apparent that the super kitchen trend is gaining popularity. With that said the timeless trends of neutral hues, custom cabinetry and quality natural stone countertops still reign amongst the most popular.  So without further ado, here is an overview of the most note worthy trends:

  • Open concept continues to grow in popularity as homeowners now long to bring the outside in with 65% of renovations opening up to outside spaces.
  • Granite still continues to reign as the most popular countertop material with 45% homeowners preferring it’s durability and natural aesthetic.  With the majority of consumers stated they appreciate “the lasting qualities of natural stone materials.”
  • While the traditional style used to be the most popular kitchen trend, today consumers are opting for a transitional, contemporary, or modern aesthetic.
    houzz-survey-2016-1 copy
  • The majority of consumers (93%) upgraded their countertops in their kitchen remodel.
  • 62% of consumers rated “stylish and beautiful” as the most important design aspect of a kitchen, and we couldn’t agree more.
  • Don’t forget about function.  With new trends emerging daily, one thing that remains the same in the kitchen is the need for storage.  The survey reported 60% of consumers valued this functional aspect of a kitchen the most important. With 67% preferring the pull out waste basket and 56% requesting built-in tray organizers.
  • White still reigns as the most popular hue in cabinetry with a 38% vote, followed by wood at 18%.
  • Neutral is always in.  With 61% of kitchen walls being painted in gray, beige, or white, neutral wall sets a great backdrop for any color palette.
  • Multi-colored counters take precedence over solid tones at 32% preference, while white is increasing in popularity and is right behind at 19%.  When it comes to backsplash applications however, the two colors are reversed with white taking the popular vote at 25% and multi-colored following shortly behind at 21%.
  • Stainless is here to stay. Investing in stainless appliances has proved to be a beneficial investment and there is no sign of this trend declining.  With 75% of consumers deciding on stainless appliances as their style of choice.

At Aria, we have experienced these trends first hand and have put together a few of our favorite ‘Super Kitchens’ below. Equipped with everything from a built-in custom wine refrigerator to oversized islands and media galore, these super kitchens define luxury.

Feminine Condominium Kitchen
Dolce Vita

Rustic Inspired Wine Bar and Cellar

Modern, Funky Kitchen


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