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Textures, neutrals, and layers, oh my! Marie Flanigan’s design aesthetic is the epitome of classic elegance with a cozy twist.  With a fresh take on color and scale, Flanigan beautifully mixes old with new, modern with traditional, and cozy charm with sophisticated elegance; letting the space speak for itself.  There truly is an art to incorporating colors, textures, prints, and patterns into a space and Flanigan strikes the perfect balance. Lucky for us, we were able to sit down with Marie herself for this one-on-one interview. Read on to discover how Aria Stone Gallery teamed up with the talented Marie Flanigan to discuss Natural Stone 101, her newest featured blog.

Image courtesy of Maric Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra marble.

Q. As we gear up for fall, what trends do you foresee picking up speed?

A. In a world where fresh trends are constantly on the rise, I’ve been really excited to see a return to a more thoughtful and sophisticated celebration of personal style. That means doing less of what the latest trend reports tell you to do and more of what speaks to your heart. The design industry has responded to this change by increasing and enhancing customization services, allowing designers to source pieces that truly speak their client’s language, and by furthering their dedication to furniture rejuvenation, which means that existing pieces our clients hold dear can be reimagined and reused instead of being replaced with something new.

Image courtesy of Marie Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra marble.

Q. We absolutely love your light and airy aesthetic.  What advice do you have for our readers that are looking to incorporate this feel into their space? Any advice on how to successfully mix prints and patterns?

A. Our daily lives are busy and filled with distractions, and my goal has always been to create spaces that offer a respite from that constant stimulation. I love using pieces that boast strong, clean lines accented with fabrics that play with weight and texture in soft, dreamy hues. It’s so important to become a master editor when it comes to achieving a light and airy feel. Pull everything out and start replacing items slowly, only incorporating pieces that lend an overall sense of balance while also pulling at your heart strings.

Image courtesy of Marie Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra marble.

Q. Inspiration is everywhere. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A. My first source of inspiration is always my client. I love hearing stories about where they’ve lived and how they found themselves in the home they’re in today. I spend time learning about the styles, cultures, and environments that are meaningful to them and why, so that I can bring their unique story to life. Once ingrained in the design process, I often look to the relationships between form and function, and strength and delicacy, that exist in nature for a steady flow of inspiration.

Image courtesy of Marie Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Pietra Grey Leathered marble.

Q. It seems like you incorporate natural stone frequently in your projects. What is it about natural stone that captivates you? Which types of stones do you typically gravitate towards in your designs?

A. Natural stone has a remarkable way of lending authenticity to a space. I’ve been using a great deal of marble, soapstone, onyx, and petrified wood in my latest designs, and I love that every slab is singular in color and grain, which guarantees that no two designs will ever look alike. I’m inspired by the intricate processes in which natural stone is crafted, and love that these durable beauties have been used since the earliest days of design and construction, infusing a natural sense of history into any home.

Image courtesy of Marie Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Supremo marble.

Q. What’s your best piece of advice for someone who is looking to incorporate stone into their space? What tips or tricks can you give to help them in this selection process?

A. Throw away the blinders and try to keep the bigger picture in mind. So often, when picking flooring, countertops, or backsplash, we get bogged down in that one detail and forget to step back and look at the space as a whole. Not every element needs to make a bold statement; a subtle piece can serve as a serene backdrop to surrounding bursts of color and texture. And if you decide you want your island to tell the grandest story, then perhaps you should consider choosing something subtle for the perimeter. Lastly, I like to remind clients to examine the veining and grain of the stone carefully so that they can clearly envision what the stone will look like once those elements are running across the expanse of their counter or floor.

Image courtesy of Marie Flanigan. Get the look with Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Extra marble.

About Marie Flanigan Interiors:

Marie Flanigan Interiors is a full service interior design firm that manages projects throughout Texas and around the country. Our experienced team has a comprehensive understanding of custom furnishings, antiques, textiles, and fine art.  We specialize in high-end residential and commercial build-outs, sharing solid relationships with some of the industry’s most talented architects, contractors, and vendors.  At MFI, we believe that homes should reflect the people who live, work, and play within.  We weave the unique stories of our clients into every inch of space we design, and our passion for innovative interior design, unparalleled attention to detail, and extraordinary professionalism set us apart from other design teams in our field.  From space planning to furniture and accessory procurement, our skilled team looks forward to working with you from conception to completion.

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