As we approach fall and winter, the Aria team is here to inform you on marble trends that follow the modern and rustic design shift, how they are being used in designs, and how you can start incorporating them into your space. 

Stone Forecast

With an increase in natural elements in design, we are seeing natural stone taking the forefront in hard surfaces. The largest demand is for Italian marbles, including breccia formations with quartzites coming in second. “Breccia is a term most often used for clastic sedimentary rocks that are composed of large angular fragments (over two millimeters in diameter). It fills the spaces between the large angular fragments with a matrix of smaller particles and a mineral cement that binds the rock together.”

This includes stones like Quatre Seasons, Plutone, Verde Avere, and Breccia Antique marbles.

Installation Forecast

Fluted textures are becoming increasingly popular, adding an extra unique feature to marble designs. This added texture lets the uniqueness of the natural material to shine through. Also, this widens designers’ capabilities to fit the marble in different decors and styles.

Statuario Bettogli Marble Sink | Aria Stone Gallery

Kitchen sinks are a thing of the past and designs are now moving towards integrated stone sinks. Integrated sinks complement contemporary designs for a seamless look but also favor traditional styles for homeowners leaning towards that style. Creating a seamless design, an integrated sink makes the entire space cohesive instead of breaking up the natural stone with man-made materials. 

Seamless flooring where the marble floors are cohesive with the walls is becoming a staple. Larger tiles of marble with minimal seams create a unified flooring design that exemplifies a seamless look.

While electrical outlets in the past have leaned towards plastic, wood, and metal plates, this is no longer the case. Following along with the seamless trend, designers are moving towards stone outlets so that the design is cohesive alongside the marble designs.

Jean Stoffer Designs Sea Pearl Quartzite
Jean Stoffer Designs Sea Pearl Quartzite

Designs are moving towards non-bookmatch designs with natural stone. We are seeing designers incorporate the seams into their designs but keeping the veining of the marble going in the same direction to create a seamless look. Again, this is emphasizing the seamless style that has been a continuous trend throughout each installation.

We are seeing designers incorporate metal such as brass or steel to add interest and texture into their designs.

Textured Finishes

Honed and leathered finishes are becoming more prevalent as opposed to a shiny, polished finish. With the matte or satin finish of the honed and textured and matte leathered finish, it creates a raw and industrial yet charming and rustic feel that is timeless.

Nero Fusion Leathered Schist Bar | Aria Stone Gallery

Seamless Full Height Backsplashes

Within the kitchen we are seeing designers move towards a unified look by using the same stone throughout the entire kitchen with full height backsplashes and no upper cabinets. No more islands painted in a different color with the stone on the island also a different type than the surrounds. This design shift creates a cohesive look that we are in love with.

Dolce Vita Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

Marble is here to stay, that’s for sure. With these trends, your next design will be seamless and timeless.