Verona Fair Waterjet Cutting

Nearly 70,000 people from 150 different countries gather each year at the Marmomacc Fair in Verona, Italy to see the latest trends, technology, and design inspiration in the natural stone industry and this year was no exception. One of the most technologically advanced concepts that we came across this past October was the water-jet sculpture exhibit by WaterJet Corp.

Water-jet cutting is mainly being used today to shape natural stone into custom shapes and designs. This new technology is having major implications in the fashion and design industry in a very big way. From intricate details cut through leather, aluminum, and directly through natural stone to create custom shapes and intricate mosaic tile. Water-jet cutting is as (if not more) powerful than traditional laser cutting devices. The idea is to work with a super high pressure water jet, which accumulates energy that can be used as a work tool. In short, the water jet has the ability to create intricate detail with the utmost accuracy, with less maintenance and lower cost than traditional laser cutting devices.

Depending on the settings of the ejecting nozzle size and the synchronized movement system, the water jet can produce different results. The details may be subtle to transform smooth, earthy stone to appear as though it has a linen textured finish. On a larger scale, the natural stone may be cut into many different shapes and details to create sculptures and large-scale art instillations.

As this technology continues to advance, artists and engineers will find endless creative possibilities with water-jet cutting technology.

Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery
Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery

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