Calacatta Viola Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

Natural stone selection is a personal decision that can be overwhelming if you are not confident in what you want. Similar to selecting a piece of artwork, choosing a slab of natural stone will add a personal sense of unique beauty while complementing the aesthetic of your home. With the continuous growth of unique slabs, it can make the decision process challenging. To make this process simpler for you, here are a few essentials to think about when looking for your perfect slab of natural stone.

How to Choose The Color of Your Stone?

Natural Stone has a vast range of color assortment with different accent colors and tones. Stone can range from classic blacks and whites to enchanting greens iridescent blues, and vibrant pinks. The veining patterns also play a role in the style of your project. Depending on the style you are going for, whether that be rustic, elegant, or modern will help determine the stone that will best fit your project. Picture your finished project. Are there any colors or veining patterns that would fit perfectly in your space? If so, sort out our slabs for that exact color to complete your space. 

Lilac Scuro Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

How to Choose the Finish of Your Stone?

Depending on your lifestyle and the style you are trying to achieve with your project will determine the best finish for your natural stone. You can read more on an in-depth blog about the difference between honed and polished finishes to help determine which finish is best for your project.

Lilac Honed Marble Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

How to Align the Stone With Your Space?

If you already have a color-scheme and specific style for your project, consider what will complement or contrast when looking through stone selections. Narrow down your essentials such as the overall appearance. Are you looking to brighten up your space by using a stone like Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble or give a striking contrast to an already vibrant space with the use of a stone like Black Soapstone

Pietra Grey Marble Fireplace | Aria Stone Gallery

All this to say, choosing the right stone for your home or project is a personal choice. However, sorting out some essential questions you have to ask yourself will bring you closer to making a final decision.