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Aria Stone Gallery’s collaboration with Caroline Harper Knapp, founder of House of Harper, utilized the multifunctional and rustic Black Soapstone as well as the decorative, ornamental Arabescato Corchia marble to create a second dream home for Caroline’s entire family to enjoy! These two versatile and unique stones give her ranch house a modern yet elegant feel. To get inspiration on your next dream home, read to see how Caroline incorporated Black Soapstone and Arabescato Corchia throughout her ranch house.

Aria provided a turn-key service by supplying all of the materials for this home making it easy, convenient and efficient for the owners. In addition to providing seamless coordination and design, Aria Stone Gallery always offers a finely curated collection of materials making our client’s dreams come true.

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Black Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

Caroline was instantly sold on Black Soapstone for her new kitchen for many reasons, some of which being:

  1. Heat resistance: Soapstone can handle a hot pan with no damage. This resistance to heat as well as the ability to store heat also makes it a great material around hearths and in stoves.
  2. Non-porous: Soapstone is impervious to products found in the kitchen that would stain other materials like granite or marble. Its non-porous properties also make it impervious to bacteria.
  3. Chemically neutral: It resists both high acid and high alkaline substances, unlike other materials that need to be sealed for protection from etching or scarring.

Breaking Down The Characteristics of Soapstone

Soapstone does not stain or etch. Why? Soapstone is a non-porous stone. Therefore, you don’t ever need to seal it. It would be pointless to seal soapstone since it has virtually no pores for debris to sink into! It is impervious to most kitchen chemicals, acids and liquids, in fact.

Soapstone does scratch. Why? Because soapstone is composed mostly of talc, a very soft mineral. But fear not, while it does scratch, it is incredibly easy to repair on your own.

How do you repair scratches on Soapstone?

Look no further than your garage for some sandpaper! Deep scratches can be smoothed down with 120-grit sandpaper, then finished by applying a coating of mineral oil to clean it up. Mineral oil is what you should use instead of a typical “sealer” to keep your soapstone looking vibrant and clean.

Soapstone is heat resistant. That’s why chefs love it! You could *gently* set a boiling hot pan on a soapstone countertop and it wouldn’t burn. It is almost completely heat-proof due to the incredible density of the material.

The Perfect White Marble

While on the hunt for her perfect kitchen stone, Caroline discovered Aria Stone Gallery’s Arabescato Corchia marble and decided to use it for her kids and powder bathrooms! The crisp white background of this stone is beautifully offset against bold, flowing grey veins and golden undertones, creating a painterly image across a polished canvas.

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About Caroline Harper Knapp

Caroline Harper Knapp Headshot

House of Harper is the one-stop destination for living with style – from interior design to travel, parenthood to fashion – and all of the stops in between! Caroline’s southern sensibilities shine through in the easy ways she entertains at home, dresses up for a date night and cherishes all the moments in between.

After working as a buyer in the fashion industry for 8 years for major companies like Neiman Marcus and Gilt Groupe, Caroline decided not to go back to her corporate career after having their first son, Knox. But it was never her intention to hang up her (high) heels, just yet. HOUSE of HARPER had quickly grown into more than just her weekend hobby so in 2014 she set her sights on pouring her passions into HOUSE of HARPER full-time.

Caroline is married to her husband of 10 years, FMK, as we know him here on the blog. Although he prefers to stay out of the spotlight and has been replaced as head photographer, he is still an active part of HOUSE of HARPER behind the scenes. Together they have two adorable sons, Knox and Andrew, who have become the real stars of the blog!

All images courtesy of House of Harper©

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