How can you use pastels in your design? Pastels can be a tricky color palette to work with. They are so often only found in nurseries and were common in 1950’s design, but when done right it can bring a fresh and unique perspective to interior design. Pastels are not only reserved for those overly feminine floral patterns but they can be used in cabinets,  appliances or even stone applications for a clean modern look and feel.

There are soothing and relaxing qualities to light shades of color. In traditional style homes, the use of  light blues and yellows create a nautical or garden-like ambiance. In this farm house kitchen below, Rafe Churchill has used a pastel yellow for the cabinets and moldings. He paired the creamy, canary yellow with a juxtaposing and deeply toned soapstone countertops paired with a wooden butcher block island for a rich farm house texture. The yellow adds a level of brightness that continues the throughout the overall design of the home.

Rafe Churchill- Traditional Houses

In this Park Avenue apartment, Penny Drue Baird, used a mint color accent wall to create modern kitchen. The cool marble countertops are carried out as a border behind the seating for a clean elevated decor.  By using the pastel color, they have created interest and personality that draws the eye’s attention to the dining nook area that also appears to give more depth to this typical New York railroad style kitchen.

Penny_Drue_Baird, Dessins llc

Powell/Klienschmidt built a wonderful example of how to use a bold colored stone with pastel undertones for a surface that is rich in texture. In this kitchen, they used warm wood cabinets and paired it with a blue quartzite counter top to construct a modern kitchen. By utilizing a stone with pastel undertone a sense of depth and movement was added to this sleek exterior application reducing the cooler aesthetics of the surrounding material selections.


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