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Ah, the ever-glamorous, yet illusive Bettogli marble An Aria Stone Gallery fan favorite, and quite famous within the natural stone industry to say the least. This majestic stone has been around for centuries, yet, have you ever tried to research its history? We have. Oddly enough, there’s not a lot of information out there! However, the Aria Stone Gallery team sat down with our owner, Vinny Tavares, who passed along some awesome facts about this natural stone. So sit back, relax, and read on as we explore the story behind this stone!

The Calacatta Bettogli Quarry | Image Courtesy of The New York Times

What is the difference between Borghini vs Bettogli Marble?

Hailing from one of the oldest quarries in Italy, and scoring a close second in popularity to Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra, Bettogli marbles are one of the most sought after marbles in the world. What really distinguishes the two is that Borghini features vivid gold tones, while Bettogli, for the most part, is primarily white and grey. Both are incredibly luxurious and high-quality materials, so choosing between them mainly comes down to color preference. 

Physical Qualities of Calacatta Bettogli

Calacatta Bettogli is particularly known for its dramatic vein patterns – huge grey veins painted against a stark white background. It is incredibly difficult to source a slab that is so well balanced in terms of pattern. Also, it is just as hard to find slabs of Bettogli that are large in size. The family of Bettogli marbles that are currently in stock at Aria Stone Gallery typically check both of those boxes, making them especially unique and rare. The monochromatic coloring of this material makes it a perfect addition to any modern project, while its iconic Calacatta vein pattern and overall glamour also suit it well for a traditional design feature.

The Bettogli Marble Quarry

As for the Bettogli quarry itself, it’s one of the oldest in the region. The Bettogli quarry is located on the north-western slope of the Apuan Alps mountain range (Carrara, Italy). The excavation sites from which this stone is quarried are incredibly steep and high; about 1,500 feet above sea level! Located right at the edge of Tuscany, it sports spectacular views of the Mediterranean. This quarry has been officially registered with the Italian officials for over 200 years, but unofficial mining has taken place there for centuries. 

The Calacatta Bettogli Quarry | Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery

Research and imagery courtesy of Vinny Tavares and The New York Times.