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Aria Stone Gallery is proud to announce that we are revolutionizing the stone industry by launching an e-commerce site, giving customers the power to choose. Allowing customers to browse in the comfort of their own homes and purchase stone directly is the first of its kind in the stone industry. But for Aria, e-commerce is the natural next step to expand and strengthen our transparent and educational approach to natural stone. Through Aria’s transparent model, the customer will have a better understanding of education on origin, rarity, quality, and price of the natural stone that they select.

On our storefront you will find high-resolution images that are expertly color-matched that give the customer a clear, visual representation of what they can expect to purchase. And with the help of our stone experts on our live chat feature, we are available to answer any and all questions that you may have about natural stone including sourcing, templating, ordering, or shipping and more for your next project.

As the first stone supplier to provide transparent pricing, “We strive to be at the forefront of the industry” said Aria Stone Gallery’s founder, Vinny Tavares. “As part of our identity we continue to push the boundaries and set the precedence of stone innovation. We were the first true gallery format stone showroom and the first to bring that concept online,” said Tavares.

Aria’s curated collection of luxurious, natural stone is sourced from the most exclusive quarries around the world. Aria only brings in first quality slabs, 100% of the time, no exceptions. Because of this fact, they are known to other suppliers as being the strictest  importer in the country.  Only a small percentage of blocks mined around the world in places such as Brazil, Africa and the Middle East are considered to be “first quality” slabs. This means that a slab might be structurally sound, however it will lack in the areas of color richness as well as balance in its veining and movement.

View our curated selection of natural stone here.

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