Photographer: Michael Hunter

Barbara_GilbertAria: How did you get into interior design?  

Barbara Gilbert: Interior design gives me the opportunity to use my creativity while  fulfilling my client’s dreams. I love to think outside the box and try new designs. Seeing the finished project and the look on the client’s face is such an amazing feeling.  I can honestly say that I love what I do!

Aria: What is currently inspiring you in design? 

Barbara Gilbert: Mixing things up is always fun.  For instance I love to pair old beams or floors, or a family heirloom with contemporary furniture.  Clean fresh colors paired with neutral fabrics can stand the test of time.  We strive to transform ordinary places into unique inspiring spaces.

Aria: How do you approach stone in your designs?  

Barbara Gilbert: I absolutely love natural stone, it never ceases to amaze me that these slabs actually come out of the ground.  Having said that I lean towards exotic stones, so my clients have a better chance of having something that is not common and unusually beautiful.

Aria: What inspired this Fusion art piece?

Barbara Gilbert: Our client wanted a wow factor and something different. Every time I come into your stone gallery I would always think “one of these days I’m going to hang a slab as artwork for a client,” luckily, I found the perfect client who allowed me to do so.  I wanted a natural organic element rather than a standard piece of art work and the results are stunning!

Aria: What is your advice for some one who is about to start a renovation, or just wants to refresh their home?  

Barbara Gilbert: If at all possible, they should hire a designer.  A designer will keep them from making costly mistakes.  If hiring an interior designer is not an option they should try to duplicate a picture in a magazine or a photo on one of the many online forums.

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