2cm Calacatta Gold Borghini Diamond 10052 Full Slab Image

The Borghini quarry is one of the oldest operating quarries in the Carrara region in Italy. The Borghini family has owned the quarry for many years and produces the most sought after Italian marble in the world – the Calacatta Gold Borghini marble. Therefore, Architects in Beijing to New York are eager to see what the quarry will extract next.

The History of Calacatta Borghini Marble

In the heart of the Apuan Mountains in Carrara Italy is the Borghini quarry. This Italian marble was the primary source of stone for Roman Architecture and Renaissance artists, including Michelangelo. Known for producing snowy white marble is unlike anything else seen in the world. According to the New York Times, the Calacatta Borghini quarry is one of the oldest quarries in the Carrara region. In fact, some Borghini quarry’s cuts can go back to the Roman Times.

Carrara Quarry

What does Calacatta Borghini marble look like?

The Borghini marble, distinguished by its stark white background, and consistent, delicate grey veining, makes this stone so rare. Occasionally, the Borghini quarry will extract Calacatta with gold veining or gold hues. Because of the rarity of these hues, this marble creates an incredible statement slab. The consistency and large size of the Calacatta Borghini Diamond make this marble exceptionally rare find.

2cm Calacatta Gold Borghini Diamond 10052 Full Slab Image

Where does Calacatta Borghini Marble come from?

The Calacatta Borghini marble quarry, in the opulent Apuan Alps in Italy, comprises two primary areas: the side of the mountain and the interior of the mountain. The side of the mountain is the more common extraction area. However, the inside of the mountain is home to the rarest and prestigious Borghini Gold marble.

Calacatta Borghini Marble Production

Today, the production of Borghini marble in the Apuan Mountains is very limited. This makes the stone so rare and why so many people want this marble beauty. For example, typically sold by each cubic meter. However, Borghini blocks sell by the ton. This makes each pound of the Borghini marble highly valued in the marketplace.

Borghini Marble Quarry | Aria Stone Gallery

Where can I find Calacatta Borghini in the United States?

Because of the rarity of the Borghini marble, there are few retailers in the world – let alone the United States who sell this marble. Therefore, exotic stone suppliers, such as Aria Stone Gallery, will sell Borghini only a few times a year. Aria Stone Gallery also offers the opportunity to visit the Calacatta Borghini quarry in Italy. This allows you to personally hand-select your stone from the same mountains that Michelangelo admired so dearly.

Behind the Borghini | Aria Stone Gallery

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