Our Philosophy
Hand Selected

Aria Stone Gallery travels around the globe to hand select natural stone directly from the most prestigious quarries. We make selections based on the uniqueness of each slab and only purchase stone with deep-rooted history.

Exceptional Quality

We focus on quality, rather than quantity. We only carry slabs that are a 9 or a 10 in quality and will not stock natural stone that does not live up to our high standards simply because of demand.

Radical Transparency

With the same pricing online as in the galleries, you will always know what you pay for materials versus labor. Every lot of material is professionally photographed for accurate color representation, ensuring what you see is what you receive.

Unique Experience

From our showrooms where we display our slabs in a museum-like atmosphere, to our knowledgeable team of experts who provide unparalleled customer service – we promise to make your experience at Aria Stone Gallery one to remember.


It just makes sense.




The constant pursuit of the perfect slab is what sets Aria’s collection apart as a unique stone boutique. Instead of trying to fulfill a predetermined stock list of standard materials, selections are made based on the uniqueness of each stone. Much like buying a diamond, materials are evaluated for their color, content, clarity, and consistency with consideration on how the vein structures lend to book match veining.

The most sought after stones in the world come from remote places like Brazil, Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately only a small percentage of the blocks mined are considered “first quality” slabs. It is our estimation that 85 to 90% of all stone imported into the US is not first quality material – meaning that a slab may be fine structurally but not as rich in color or as well-balanced in its veining and movement as in premium slabs. Aria Stone Gallery only brings in first quality slabs, 100% of the time, no exceptions. We are known to suppliers as being the strictest importer in the country.

Many stone distributors are primarily focused on filling purchase orders – and that may be okay settling for an ordinary slab but at Aria Stone Gallery we don’t sell ordinary slabs – we don’t have a standard list of “stone we carry”. We would rather be out of a popular stone color than have a mediocre slab in stock.

Learn more from an article found in our Journal, HERE.



Aria Stone Gallery was born with the intent to revert the trend of under appreciating stone and help our customers discover the uniqueness and beauty of this natural wonder: from incorporating bookmatched slabs into the overall design of the space, to the use of rare materials, to promoting different stone applications beyond countertops or vanity tops. Aria seeks to provoke the imagination, challenge the status quo, and expand the current limited perception of the ways to use natural stone. Most importantly, Aria intends to recreate and restore the inherent richness and superiority of natural stone.

With today’s increased use of natural stone in applications, such as granite countertops, stone has become commoditized. Builders throughout the country advertise granite as a standard feature in entry-level homes and as a result a wide swath of America has been able to enjoy something that, until recently, has been associated with luxury and exclusivity. Unfortunately, along the way, the things that truly set natural stone apart from every man-made alternative like laminate or engineered stone have been lost in the process. The ubiquitous nature of stone fabrication in the last 10 years has made natural stone lose some of its genuine allure. Our goal is simply to help customers discover the uniqueness and beauty of this natural wonder.

Aria Stone Gallery is about truly appreciating the pieces of art that nature has created so slowly over centuries.”



Welcome to Aria Stone Gallery. Let me tell you a bit about the concept behind Aria. Aria Stone Gallery is about truly appreciating the pieces of art that nature has created so slowly over centuries. It all started when I visited the National Museum in Stockholm and had the opportunity to explore their installation of Slow Art and understand its philosophy and fundamentals. Slow Art is about being more aware of the origin and history of the materials used in artwork, forcing people to concentrate on a single piece rather than zoom by, fighting the desire to graze and instead diving deep.

I was intrigued by the concept of appreciating the beauty of slowly and carefully developed art, and started to wonder how we could apply those concepts to the stone industry and design world. And that’s where Aria comes in. Aria Stone Gallery is about truly appreciating the pieces of art that nature has created so slowly over centuries.

It’s in this context that we strongly encourage you to look – slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully – at each one of our carefully hand-picked slabs and immerse yourself in the history and uniqueness of each one of the pieces in our collection.


Vinny Tavares

Owner and Founder



Aria’s approach to sourcing and showcasing stones is rivaled only by the uniqueness of the client experience. As a pioneer in the industry, Aria continually pushes the envelope with customer experience and stone education. Join us for a once in a lifetime excursion to Italy or Brazil, where you will experience the behind-the-scenes process of hand selecting stone for their special project. Immerse yourself in the rich history, culture, and cuisine of the region from which the stone is sourced. This hands-on approach is unique to Aria and gives you the ability to experience all stages of stone sourcing, from mining and processing, to the selection of that perfect piece.

Aria spares no expense to ensure our customers are treated like royalty. On this journey, you will be treated to world-class perks for total immersion in the surrounding culture. Experience fine dining, true to the regions culinary roots prepared by world class chefs and relax at five-star lodging accommodations with breathtaking views.

The memories of this trip are sure to stay with you forever, and every time you gaze upon your completed project you will be reminded of your amazing experience. Not many people in the world are able to tell tales of the exact origin of their stone and even less can say that they hand selected their stone directly in the quarry.

By the end of this adventure, you will know first-hand what it means to be called “Aria quality” stone and why we believe that each slab of stone is a unique piece of art. Come along with Aria on this one-of-a-kind journey and gain the unique insight, knowledge, and education with our team of industry insiders.


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