From the stoic Parthenon to the sculptural works of Michelangelo, marble found in the Carrara Region has played an important role in the artistic development of Italy. Located nearly 60 miles outside of Florence on the Carrione River, the Carrara Region is home to the largest portion of the world’s most pure and sought-after marble. The marble quarries were first established by the Romans and quickly a city was developed to house it’s many workers.

Today, marble is still the city’s main economic and artistic driver, as over 100 active quarries produce over 15,000 tons of marble daily. Locals have long been artistically influenced by the natural beauty that comes from the surrounding mountainous landscape. Carrara residents create statues, sculptures, and a multitude of interior design elements, which ornament the colorful, baroque-style architecture. The proud residents pass down their historic traditions from generation to generation, leading to a uniquely vibrant and prosperous culture that can only be found in the Carrara Region.

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