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When it comes to interior design, it is always important to consider what’s trendy or “current”, as well as keeping in mind the quintessential building blocks that stem from “classic” design. This delicate balance of popular and proper are not better exemplified than through Houston-based visionary, Laura U. We interviewed designer extraordinaire Laura and got all the details behind her “Classically Current” technique. So scroll on down to learn 6 Ways to Create A Classically Current Design by Laura U Interiors!


Black and white, cream and gray…I prefer all of my designs to carry some tension. Opposites are timeless and this powder room exemplifies that. The white floating sink rests atop the Pietra Grey Leathered Marble counter, courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


Aria Stone Gallery’s Pietra Grey Leathered Marble Vanity. Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.


Doses of color

The lush green hues that saturate these chairs makes a true statement in this formal living room. I like to think of color as a foil to a neutral backdrop. It activates a space. To accentuate the green, we incorporate natural elements like marble and wood to ground the room.

Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors

Texture layering 

A Classically Current interior is one that authentically reflects the personal styles of the homeowners. In this high-rise living room, the collected feel of global travelers is felt throughout. Natural elements of wood, marble and stone layer against leather, silk, and warm terra cotta hues to create a luxe space.

Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.


Incorporating the environment/natural surroundings

The blue and pink hues throughout this coastal home reflect the bright sunlight coming in from the beach. Taking a cue from the environment, we paired the interior of this home elegantly with the outside environment. For me, a Classically Current home belongs naturally to its surroundings, emphasizing the outdoors and bringing them inside.

Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.



Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.

People are naturally drawn to symmetrical elements and these beautiful sconces accomplish that perfectly. Wallpaper by Lindsey Cowles is a great partner to the marble counter. All around, a very Classically Current space.


Exceptional lighting

From the pendants over the granite countertop to the marble floors and large windows, this kitchen is full of light. Good lighting is very important to my Classically Current philosophy. It never goes out of style!

Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.

Meet Laura U

Top Houston interior designer, Laura Umansky, has always had an appreciation for luxury interiors that are bold, unique, and remarkably curated. She founded the Laura U Interior Design firm to build beautiful legacies for her clients, treasured memories told through the art of high-end design and woven throughout every room of a home.

Image Courtesy of Laura U Interiors.

Without prescribing to any singular style, her Classically Current spaces are perfect reflections of her client’s personalities and joys. Client-centric and site-specific, a Laura U interior will always involve a bit of drama with a luxe romantic touch, bringing the environment inward and surrounding clients with what they love most.

Known for designing stunning homes all over the country, Laura has spent her life blending the beauty of art with the science of design. With over 15 years of industry experience and a background in architecture, Laura understands what it takes to execute an incomparable interior design project. She developed The Process of Design in order to keep her team organized, maintain projects on schedule, and deliver impeccable white glove service. Laura’s tailored process allows her team of interior designers to truly understand each client’s lifestyle, artfully shaping spaces that showcase every client’s unique story.

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