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The new 50 Shades of Grey movie opening this weekend is attracting quite a lot of attention. This new release mimics a similar popularity in the design industry; the color grey has become the new neutral power house in the world of interiors.

In the past there has been a default of neutrals being classified as taupes, tans and creams. With the fall of traditional style and the rise of transitional, grey has become the go to neutral that holds a room together. The subtle undertones in grey provides a wide spectrum of grey hues that emit blue, green, brown or purple hues. Grey is an easy selection to pair with any color palette.

Image courtesy of Frankel Builders

This Frankel Builders master bath is suitable for a king, much like young Christian Grey. Striato Olympico marble’s bold stripe pattern in the countertop execution paired with dark black cabinets and tiled Calacatta marble floor is the perfect pairing of clean sophistication.

Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery

Grey is not only a great neutral pairing but can be used as a strong focal color. Tiffany Mckinzie created this modern bathroom and added a stunning Grigio Italia marble feature wall behind the free standing tub. This feature wall added texture and depth to this contemporary retreat.

Image courtesy of CHiL Design Group

The Labradorite Bianca  granite spa surround and countertop by CHil Design Group is an excellent complement of stone and environment. The harbor views pulls in the natural water tones from the landscape and highlights the blue iridescent accents in the Labradorite Bianca granite surface material. The complementary blues tones from the stone and scenic views pair nicely to the walnut accents for a cleanly finish bathroom.

Image courtesy of Drury Designs

Drury Designs, utilizing the cool hues of the Grey Goose marble surface, the white cabinets and baby blue walls create a stunning transitional design execution. The diversity of shades and undertones allows for grey surfaces to complement a diverse range of colors, across areas of the home, and design aesthetics. Grey is a color that is no longer seen a drape, dull, or dusty. It is a hot, every changing color that can be utilized for any design endeavor.

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