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Aria Stone Gallery Fior De Bosco Marble Fireplace

Natural stone fireplace facades remain one of the most trendy styles of design no matter where you roam. Whether these cladded fireplaces stem from the utilization of leftover stone material, or the grand idea of a massive quadmatched feature wall, we can promise a cozy fireplace will never fail to pull together your home. So grab a coffee, cozy up to your fireplace and read on to experience 5 of the most extravagant and unique natural stone fireplaces Aria Stone Gallery has ever seen.

1. Quadmatched Silver Wave Fireplace

The only way we can describe this fireplace is graphic, dramatic and all around breathtaking. Four gigantic slabs of Aria’s Silver Wave crafted into a quadmatch creates a head-turning and mind-blowing art form inside an already gorgeous living room. Truly a mantle fit for a king.

Aria Stone Gallery's Silver Wave Fireplace
Aria Stone Gallery’s Silver Wave Fireplace. Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


2. Symmetrical Grigio Italia Marble Fireplace

Rich shades of grey and undertones of violet combined with perfect 45-­degree movement gives Aria’s Grigio Italia bookmatched fireplace a classy appeal. The intricate patterns and veining throughout this sleek marble add depth and dimension, and you really can’t go wrong with black and white.

Aria Stone Gallery's Grigio Italia Marble Fireplace
Aria Stone Gallery’s Grigio Italia Marble Fireplace. Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


3. Viridescent Verde Aurora Diamondmatch Fireplace

This stunning Verde Aurora marble feature fireplace sports a rich, green diamondmatch, flawlessly cladding the entire wall. An epitome of sophisticated elegance, this earthy treasure is the centerpiece of the home and a beautiful example of using pop color in interior design. We are positively green with envy!

Aria Stone Gallery's Verde Aurora Marble Fireplace
Aria Stone Gallery’s Verde Aurora Marble Fireplace. Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


4. Classic Calacatta Extra Marble Fireplace

This bookmatched Calacatta Extra fireplace might seem small, but it definitely packs a punch. Located directly across from a mirrored bookmatch feature wall and bar, this elongated mantle ties together all major focal points in the home and is a creative use of leftover material. A classic and simple, yet detail-oriented design to say the least.

Aria Stone Gallery's Calacatta Extra Marble Fireplace
Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Extra Marble Fireplace. Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


5. Fabulous Fior Di Bosco Marble Fireplace

A luxurious marble tower of grays and browns, Aria’s Fior Di Bosco fireplace is nothing short of dazzling. Residing in a living room brimming with sparkling chandeliers and traditional furniture, we absolutely love how this fireplace adds a touch of warmth and ties the space together.

Aria Stone Gallery's Fior Di Bosco Marble Fireplace
Aria Stone Gallery’s Fior Di Bosco Marble Fireplace. Image Courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.


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