Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery

Diane Von Furstenberg writes that, “the little black dress is the truest friend…she travels with you…is patient and constant…you go to her when you don’t know where else to go and she is ALWAYS reliable and timeless.”

Like the little black dress, nothing has a more elegant touch than a black and white color palette. Photography, fashion, and design can all instantly exude class when a monochromatic color scheme is used. In addition to the predominate trends toward the pure white stones, natural stones that exude a black and white patterns are also highly coveted.

1. Dalmata Marble Statement Shower

This Dalmata marble bookmatch feature shower wall is the modern day ink blot test. The fierce black and white veining swirl together to create an incredible display of nature’s artistic abilities. The open plan shower with a single glass pane will ensure that this beautiful marble will never be hidden.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Dalmata Marble bookmatched in an open plan shower. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

2. Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra Marble Kitchen

The Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra marble is one of the rarest and most exclusive marbles on earth. This romantic kitchen features black lacquered walls that make the extra white marble stand out, while also making the space feel large and open.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Gold Borghini Extra marble. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

3. Floor to Ceiling Grey Goose Marble Bathroom

From the tub surround to the walls, support beams, and ceiling, everything is covered in grey goose marble. The silky smooth texture of this honed finish feels luxurious and soft – perfect for a day of pampering.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Grey Goose marble. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

4. Silver Wave Waterfall Breakfast Bar

Silver Wave has one of those rare striated designs that always looks stunning in bookmatch. This small space makes the most use of the Silver Wave by using a mitered edge to create a waterfall where the veining matches perfectly. Additionally, a small bookmatch is displayed behind the stove tying the look together.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Silver Wave Marble. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

5. Modern Agata Granite Kitchen

Black and white with a pop of pink peonies. This modern kitchen with pendant light fixtures and flat facing cabinetry is clean, bright, and full of life. The monochrome color scheme of the Agata granite waterfall island will always be seen as modern, no matter the year.

Agata Granite Kitchen | Aria Stone Gallery6. Grigio Carnico Marble Bar

Monochrome color schemes are timeless. This Grigio Carnico marble is black with white veining that creates subtle movement in this small, yet incredibly chic wet bar.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Grigio Carnico marble. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

7. Zebrino Black and Gold Marble Cladded Walls

It is incredibly rare to find a marble with the combination of black, white, and gold, as found in this floor-to-ceiling marble cladded bathroom. Using Aria Stone Gallery’s Zebrino Black and Gold marble, the horizontal linear veining wraps around the bathroom, making the space appear wider and larger to the eye.

Zebrino Black Gold Marble Bathroom | Aria Stone Gallery
Zebrino Black Gold Marble Bathroom | Aria Stone Gallery

8. Grigio Carnico Marble Vanity

Add depth and dimension to your monochrome color palette by choosing materials that have texture and movement. This Grigio Carnico marble with rich shades of grey combined with flowing white veining is perfectly paired with the textured stainless sink with matching hardware.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Grigio Carnio. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

9. Agata Granite Wet Bar

Create a high contrast in monochrome designs by using a strong black and white color palette. This classic combination is always chic and will never go out of style. The bold white veining across the black canvas of the Agata granite is a showstopper that cannot be missed.



Aria Stone Gallery’s Agata Granite. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.

10. Dalmata Marble Feature Wall

An artistic monochrome natural stone bookmatch is a perfect piece of art to add to any design. The right dramatic stone in a monochrome color palette is neutral, allowing you to add colorful accessories over the years to personalize the space.

Aria Stone Gallery’s Dalmata Marble. Image courtesy of Aria Stone Gallery.