Tiffany & Co. and Gem Stone Walls

Recently, Tiffany and co has opened up a new New York location in the heart of SoHo. To rival the legacy and glamor that is synonymous with the Iconic Fifth Avenue store, Tiffany’s has created an equally opulent look for this new boutique.  Although the store boasts many expertly designed rooms, the real stand out come in the statement jewelry salon. This space is not only holds some of the the most precious gems, it’s walls are coated in Amazzonite granite walls, a gemstone itself. As if this semi precious stone was made specifically for them, Amazzonite is nearly a perfect shade of Tiffany blue. With it’s jade tone, it looks like it has been fused together with gold and bronze making it a striking piece to behold.


There is no greater accessory than that of a gem stone and the rarity in which it occurs naturally within the earth makes for unsurpassed element of brilliance. To add a semi precious stone slab to a design brings a natural air of grandeur. Whether amazzonite, labradorite, mother of pearl or quartz finding them in a slab is a rare and extraordinary find.


These are photos of close up images of labradorite that can be found in our Lemurian and Labradorite Bianco slab. Also featured is a lovely labradorite necklace from Bloomingdales.





There is also a growing trend of raw rock decor accessories.With our partners at Arkenstone,  you can see these precious stones in their natural form, and they make for a most interesting decorative accent piece for your bookcase or coffee table.

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