From time to time we like continue education about the stone industry. An interesting topic is Rift vs. Vein Cut, this refers the direction in which the natural stone slab is cut.  Rift Cut is oriented to a 90 degree angle to the bed rock. This is also considered to be the hard way to cut stone. To determine if the stone is a rift cut you will notice that there is more spotting or noticeable crystal visible in the stone.

Below are some example of Aria material that is rift cut.

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Vein cut is extremely easy to spot, being that it is also referred to as the easy cut. Vein cut is distinctive in that you will be able to trace to vein across the entirety of the slab. For instance most of you marble will be vein cut, which has given it that marble look that is so recognizable.  In using a vein cut you will also see a more distinctive book-match pattern. The pattern will really take on shape and style.

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