When choosing an edge for your stone, choose and edge that fits your life style and design aesthetic. There are numerous edges that you can put on a slab of stone, but as of late the mitered edge has become king.

What is a mitered edge?

A mitered edge is when the corners of two slabs are cut at a 45 degree angle to seamlessly join together. A mitered edge comes in handy when you would like the appearance of a thick countertop, waterfall island, or custom trough sink.

When you see an extra thick counter top, it is probably not an 8cm slab; rather, it is a mitered edge that was flawlessly fabricated to look as if the veining “wraps” around the edges.

Image is of Aria Stone Gallery’s Calacatta Extra Marble. Kitchen designed by SHM Architects and fabricated by Il Granito.

Using a mitered edge is a great way to make your countertops the focal point of the space as it will instantly create a luxurious and expensive feel.

Images are courtesy of Jenkins Interiors. Natural stone pictured is Aria Stone Gallery’s Bianco Neve Honed Marble.

This technique can also be used in reverse to create custom built in sinks, cabinets, or other features. By mitering the edge you can create beautiful personality that you cannot buy stocked.

Image is courtesy of Wyll Interior Design. Natural stone pictured is Aria Stone Gallery’s White Beauty.


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