Matte finish has been prevalent in the design industry since 1932 as made popular by the Ford Highboy Roadster. Since that time, Audi, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz have featured matte finish vehicles. In the past year there has been a resurgence of this trend in beauty, automobiles and interior design.


There are many ways to use matte finish in your home. With flooring a matte finish lends to a cleaner more contemporary feel as it also does in cabinetry applications. In the stone industry matte finish is referred to as a honed texture finish. The honed finish technique is achieved after a stone has been quarried and is finished without the shiny lacquer. Honed finishes also tends to create a lighter color and creamy tone to the stone’s appearance. A honed finished stone adds texture and a modern element to design applications.

We are often asked if this process will make the stone more susceptible to stain and the answer is no. Having a honed finish is just as durable as having a polished finished stone. As with all natural stones, it is always recommended to use a sealer to protect the longevity of unique, natural stones. If a material is offered in a polished finish an experienced fabricator was modify the surface to a honed texture provided at production time.

Honed, natural stone is a great way to refresh surfaces and bring new life to any space.