Marvelous Home Makeover and their COTY award winning Kitchen

In our second edition of “Marvelous Home Makeovers’s COTY award winning projects,” we are delighted to feature MHM’s award-winning Riverbend Kitchen project showcasing Aria’s 3cm Corteccia stone.  NARI recently honored the design group with two COTY (Contractor of the Year) awards for 2016 and we are proud to be apart of the collaboration!  You may find our previous discussion on the Milton Bathroom project here. In an effort to honor MHM’s outstanding achievements, we sat down with them and further discussed their overall inspiration, trends, and their unique approach to design in regards to the Riverbend Kitchen project.

Marvelous Home Makeover Kitchen


Q. Your ability to solve specific issues for a client with functional solutions that could be transferred to future homeowners is inspiring.  The Riverbend project is a perfect example. Could you share some of the unique features you developed in the remodeling of this kitchen for the client? 

A. Primarily we tried to embody the essence of Universal Design.  The basic principle of the design is flexibility as the homeowner ages and needs change.  For example, the two single steam ovens were installed at counter height to make them more ergonomical for the client.  Open walkway areas around the large island and kitchen space also allow for a wheelchair to navigate through the kitchen should the need arise. Moving to the more general side of design, we tried to maximize the cabinet space in the kitchen.  I don’t think I have ever heard any homeowner complain of too much cabinet space.  This is also a great selling point for the home should the existing homeowners choose to sell.

Q.  What was the biggest obstacle of in this renovation and how did MHM overcome it? 

A. The biggest obstacle was actually the biggest part of the room, the center island.  It was an engineering feat. It needed to be large enough to accommodate a 4 ft. long Galley sink, dishwasher, built in drawer microwave and 3 large dog crates. The island was maximized for the space available and used every inch of the entire slab of Corteccia stone from Aria to avoid having a seam in it.  The weight and size of the countertop over the 7 ft. span above the dog crates required special support that was carefully concealed inside the island which was already packed with features.  The extensive features in the island required all new plumbing and electrical work.

Q. We noticed that there are few visible outlets and distracting electrical sources in the Riverbend project as well your other works. Could you speak about how you provide these standards resources through clever design execution in your work? 

A. At MHM, we always try to not overlook the small details that ultimately can disrupt an otherwise seamless view of a room.  Outlets are a necessity, sometimes even if it means placing it somewhere less than visually ideal.  We try our best to integrate these foundational functional pieces into the design.  Sometimes this means discretely concealing, other times it may mean highlighting to provide contrast to the space.  Either way, it is an aspect we consider when designing the full space.

Q. What are some of the unique design directions we will be seeing in your future 2016/2017 projects as they are completed? 

A. Simplicity and function are becoming more important.  While the concept may not necessarily be unique or new for us, the spaces it is being implemented in are.  We are starting to see a growing trend of traditional homes having less ornate, more simple and clean line design.  We will continue to incorporate the latest technology and high quality products, especially as these things become more mainstream and financially practical.  While we have been Certified Green Remodelers for a number of years and have incorporated those practices in our projects, we are anticipating in the coming year that more of our clients will be specifically requesting more environmentally conscious building products and practices as the concepts become more mainstream.


ABOUT MARVELOUS HOME MAKEOVERS: MHM has been serving the Dallas community since 2004 and was founded by Botond Laszlo, CR, CKBR, GCP.  Botond has a unique perspective on design aesthetics that is attributed to his European upbringing.  This history translates into his projects as a modern, yet classical with a twist, take on proportion, color, texture, and line work. In addition, Botond has a methodical approach to project management that streamlines the experience for all the parties involved. 

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